Make software development much more agile with Google Workspace [Google Chat apps and Add-ons]

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Learn how developers use Google Workspace to centralize and integrate all of their favorite Agile and DevOps tools like Jira, GitHub, Datadog, and PagerDuty.

From the Google Cloud Blog you can learn how Google Workspace is being used to make software development more agile. For Google Workspace developers this includes a number of products you might want to consider. Additionally, this post is a great way to see how Google Chat apps and Workspace Add-ons are being seamlessly integrated to expand the functionality of Google Workspace. If you haven’t recently looked at the opportunities with developing Google Chat apps you probably should…

Source: Make software development much more agile with Google Workspace | Google Cloud Blog

Google Workspace Add-On Walkthroughs (GWAOw!) 2 – ImportFromWeb by NoDataNoBusiness – Yagisanatode

In this episode of Google Workspace Add On Walkthroughs (GWAOw!), we take a look at ImportFromWeb by NoDataNoBusiness.

ImportFromWeb is a powerful web scraping tool for Google Sheets that allows you to grab data from any website. The creators call it IMPORTXML on steroids.

The latest episode from Scott Donald’s GWAOw! is now available. As explained by Scott ImportFromWeb is a Google Sheets add-on which allows users to use the custom function to import data from other websites into Google Sheets.

Even though this add-on is primarily used to add a custom function to Google Sheets the developers, NoDataNoBusiness, have taken the time to use the sidebar with some useful UI elements to help users get started.

Source: GWAOw! 2 – ImportFromWeb by NoDataNoBusiness – Yagisanatode

Google Workspace Add-ons: Creating conditional homepage content with Google Apps Script and Card Service

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There may be times when you want to present different content in your add-on’s homepage depending on certain conditions.

For example, I want to present a card to the user when they run my add-on for the first time (I’ll call it ‘card-A’), but present a different card for each subsequent time the add-on is run (‘card-B’).

Whilst this post from Clark Lind focuses on Gmail add-ons the code snippet could be used for other Google Workspace Add-ons for Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets and Slides that use the Card Service.

Source: Gmail add-ons: Conditional Homepage Content

New YouTube series ‘GWAOw! Google Workspace Add-on Walkthroughs’ from

GWAOw! is a YouTube series that explores the best Google Workspace Add Ons in the Google Marketplace to help you learn what is out there.

This new YouTube series from Scott Donald at will hopefully be a great way to see and learn how other developers have implemented Google Workspace Add-ons, picking up UI tips and tricks. For the first episode Scott takes a look at Workbook Statistics by Sourabh Choraria. Scott is planning one/two episodes a month and if you have published your own add-ons you can find out about getting it featured in GWAOw!.

Source: GWAOw! Google Workspace Add-on Walkthroughs – Yagisanatode

Making of Webhooks for Sheets Workspace Add-on [and lessons learned using the Apps Script API]

Behind the scenes look at what went into creating an Apps Script-native Add-on to generate Webhooks for Google Sheets. ICYMI: You can access the add-on from this link and know more about what it does here

It’s worth checking out Sourabh Choraria’s latest Google Sheets add-on which enables users to quickly setup a Google Sheet to receive data from other services which support the creation of webhooks. As part of this solution the add-on makes extensive use of the Apps Script API, which can be used to programmatically manage Apps Script projects including deployments. This post from Sourabh highlights some of the key endpoints used in the Apps Script API as well as a number of lessons learned about deploying web apps for users.

Source: Making of Webhooks for Sheets Workspace Add-on

Building a Google Calendar add-on and publishing it in the marketplace

Image credit: Gareth Cronin

I’ve long been interested in using one of the big office productivity platforms to build an embedded add-on. For a solo developer it’s a no-brainer: the platform takes care of the requirements above, and when the platform has a marketplace, there’s even a ready to go distribution channel to take it to market! The only real reason I’ve resisted it so far is fear of the slog of platform approval processes and required collateral. In this story I’ll explain how I felt the fear and did it anyway 😀

Google OAuth verification and Workspace Add-on app review can be quite daunting the first time you go through the process. In this post from Gareth Cronin he shares his own personal journey getting his JIT Time Google Calendar Add-on verified and approved. There are some great tips and resources shared in the post including how to show the  OAuth client ID in the add-on demo video submitted as part of the verification processes.

Source: Building a Google Calendar add-on and publishing it in the marketplace

Google Workspace Editor Add-on for encrypting/decrypting columns in Google Sheets – Desktop Liberation

In ‘Merging sheets from multiple sources and encrypting selected columns’ I published some code for selectively copying columns from multiple input spreadsheets/sheets to create summary sheets, and optionally encrypting columns. The idea was to distribute the same sheet to multiple people, along with private key(s) to decrypt columns to which they should have access. This seems a pretty handy thing to make into an Editor Add-on. I’m too impatient and life’s too short to bother getting into the Add-on publishing process, so I haven’t officially released this one personally, but here is a fully functional decryption Add-on that any of you are welcome to fiddle with and publish yourself.

Having previously featured some of Bruce Mcphersons previous posts on encrypting/decrypting Google Sheets data it seems fitting to share the post containing the final add-on. Even if you are not interested in the add-on’s functionality this post can still be worth a look to see how Bruce structures an add-on and uses Vue and Vuex to create the UI rendered with HTMLService .

Source: Add-on for decrypting columns in Google Sheets – Desktop Liberation

Bulk rename files in Google Workspace/Drive with this new Add-on

Google Add-on to bulk rename Google Drive files quickly and easily in a given folder. You define exactly what you want to search for in the file name and the text to replace it with. Includes instructions and demo video.

Bulk Rename Files Add-on Interface

Bulk Rename Files Add-on Interface

Source: The Gift of Script: Bulk Rename Files Add-on

Search Drive File Names Add-on

An Add-on to perform a Google Drive file name search from within a Google Sheet to keep the file information saved for future use.

Search Drive file names in Google Sheets

Search Drive file names in Google Sheets

It is easy to search for the names of files within Google Drive, but what happens when there are a lot of results that you need to go through?! Scrolling continuously down the page becomes quite clunky and frustrating, so with this tool you can perform that same search in a Google Sheet but have the results collated into the Sheet also, so they are much easier to then work with.

This Google Sheet will contain:

  • a clickable link to the file,
  • the file type,
  • the date it was created,
  • when it was last updated,
  • the folder path where it is stored,
  • the ID of the file.

Source: The Gift of Script: Search Drive File Names Add-on

The Gift Of Script: Archive Sheet data Add-on

Move/archive a row of data from one Google Sheet (tab) to another, within the same file, using this Google Workspace Add-on. It will also remember your individual preferences for each file so it is even quicker to use next time around.

New Features
January 2022
A new ‘Settings’ page allowing you to select more than just cell values when archiving row data. You can now also select:
> Text formatting: bold, italics, colour, size and style.
> Cell: background colour, Notes and wrapping.

Source: The Gift of Script: Archive Sheet data Add-on

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