Develop a Google Chat App Currency Converter with Google Apps Script – Yagisanatode

Have you ever wanted to convert currencies instantly while in Google Chat with colleagues and clients? In this tutorial, we are going to build a Currency Converter Google Chat App with Google Apps Script to do just that.

This tutorial is a multi-media series containing step-by-step video instructions for each stage of the process along with code snippets for each stage, important links and some further details on the more unusual parts of the code.

This is a great video series wrapped in a blog post, which highlights a Google Chat app development process. The particular project presented by Scott Donald is a currency converter but there are many repeatable aspects that would work in a wide range of Google Chat applications. The project is coded in Google Apps Script and the post includes plenty of snippets to help you understand various aspects of Google Chat app development including slash commands and information cards.

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Google Chat Apps for Google Apps Script Developers

In this article, we will look at Google Chat Apps and go over some of the basics of developing a chat app with Google Apps Script.

Scott Donald provides a comprehensive overview of everything you need to know to get started with Google Chat app development with Google Apps Script.

One of the nice things about Google Chat app development is there are a number of different implementation architectures you can use, including Google Apps Script. Regardless of the architecture you choose there are some common steps such as GCP setup, receiving/responding to messages and using dialogues and card interfaces all covered in Scott’s post. Click through to find out more…

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Introducing ‘Twitter for Google Chat’ – a Chat app built using Apps Script

Preview tweets and user data when sharing links, along with the ability to follow a specific user or like a particular tweet.

If you haven’t looked at Google Chat apps or not looked at Chat apps for a while this is a great post from Sourabh Choraria outlining the development process using Google Apps Script. As part of this Sourabh includes an overview and source code for a Twitter powered Chat app recently published and available to try out in your Google Workspace domain. The app showcases slash commands as well as a recent new feature of preview links.

Source: Introducing ‘Twitter for Google Chat’ – a Chat app built using Apps Script

Creating Google Workspace Chat Apps: What developers need to know – [online event 24 August 2022 16:00 – 16:45 UTC]

Image credit: Google

Teams and organizations are shifting to Google Chat as their primary way to stay connected and collaborate in real time, giving developers the unique opportunity to build Chat-integrated Google Workspace apps to help their users do more. In this session, we’ll discuss use cases for chat apps, the architectural options you can choose from, and how to get started building your own. Make sure to bring your questions!

Charles Maxson and Chanel Greco are both top presenters and they will be teaming up on the 24 August 2022 for a Google Cloud OnAir event to share the latest on Google Chat app development. For those unfamiliar there are various platforms/architectures for developing Chat apps, one of which is Google Apps Script. You should be able to find out more about this and more at the session.

Source: Creating Google Workspace chat apps—what developers need to know

Make software development much more agile with Google Workspace [Google Chat apps and Add-ons]

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Learn how developers use Google Workspace to centralize and integrate all of their favorite Agile and DevOps tools like Jira, GitHub, Datadog, and PagerDuty.

From the Google Cloud Blog you can learn how Google Workspace is being used to make software development more agile. For Google Workspace developers this includes a number of products you might want to consider. Additionally, this post is a great way to see how Google Chat apps and Workspace Add-ons are being seamlessly integrated to expand the functionality of Google Workspace. If you haven’t recently looked at the opportunities with developing Google Chat apps you probably should…

Source: Make software development much more agile with Google Workspace | Google Cloud Blog

Create Spaces and add members with the Google Chat API (and introducing the Google Workspace Developer Preview program)

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In Google Chat, Spaces serve as a central place for team collaboration—instead of starting an email chain or scheduling a meeting, teams can move conversations and collaboration into a space, giving everybody the ability to stay connected, reference team or project info and revisit work asynchronously.

We are pleased to announce that you can programmatically create new Spaces and add members on behalf of users, through the Google Workspace Developer Preview Program via the Google Chat API.

Besides the new ability to programmatically create and populate Google Chat spaces outlined in the source post, if you are a member of the Google Cloud Partner Advantage program you may want to apply for the new Google Workspace Developer Preview Program. This program will give you access to this new Chat API functionality and other Google Workspace Developer preview developments.

Not a Cloud Partner Advantage member? You can apply to join

If you are interested in building on the Google Chat platform there is the What’s new in the world of Google Chat apps session at Google I/O (this session will be available on-demand from 12 May 2022).

Source: Now in Developer Preview: Create Spaces and Add Members with the Google Chat API

Website Status Monitoring using Google Sheets [and Google Apps Script with optional notifications to Google Chat]

A Spreadsheet-bound apps script solution to conduct automated status monitoring on websites listed by the user in a Google Sheets management file. A separate status log file in Google Sheets will be created so that users can easily integrate data with BI services such as Google Data Studio. Notifications of changes in website status will be sent to the user’s Gmail. An optional setting to send notifications to Google Chat is available.

Nice example of using Google Chat for individual/group notification. The developer of this is also very responsive on Github if you encounter issues or have suggested changes.

Source: Website Status Monitoring using Google Sheets

Deliver asynchronous notifications in Google Chat using webhooks (Webhooks + Apps Script = Magic)

For community members receiving these timely updates, this “bot” may seem magical. In reality, it’s neither magic nor a traditional Chat bot, so the reference in the Chat UI calling it a “bot” is a bit of a misnomer. The Google Updates “bot” is in fact a simple Google Apps Script application that parses the RSS feed about new posts, and sends them asynchronously to the room via webhooks.

We’ve highlighted the ‘Wexbot’ before both in a Pulse post and in a Totally Unscripted episode, but nice to see it also feature in the official Google Developers blog.

Source: Deliver asynchronous notifications in Google Chat using webhooks

A Google Apps Script powered Google Chat Updates Bot

Keep up to date with any feed by having new posts published to a Google Chat room using Apps Script and Webhooks. Feeds included in this example are various official Google blogs.

This is a nice solution developed by Justin Wexler which provides an easy solution which can monitor a list of blogs and post any updates to a Google Chat room. The source post provides more detail on setup and how to use the code with your own Google Chat rooms. The code also provides a useful pattern for monitoring updates from RSS feeds.

Source: jdw353/google-workspace-apps-script-toolbox

TSChatWise : Post lessons and learning resources specified in a Google Sheet to one or more Google Chat rooms — Getting Started

In a previous post I introduced TSChatWise … a Google Sheets and Apps Script powered Google Chat tool for teaching and learning. 🚀 This post is the third post in a TSChatWise “Getting Started” series where I’ll discuss how to get started with TSChatWise.

We’ve feature TSChatWise in AppsScriptPulse in the past but worth revisiting as author Laura Taylor has created some resources to help you get started.

Source: TSChatWise — Getting Started

Creating a Google Chatbot connected to SAP Graph API

You know that idea you always keep at the bottom of your backlog for that elusive day you’ll find enough time to address? For me, it’s the possibility to connect a chatbot to an SAP system.

Julien Delvat shares how you can connect the SAP Graph API to Google Chat with Google Apps Script. The post provides details of the entire development and deployment process with useful tips on how you can extend the project.

Source: Creating a Google Chatbot connected to SAP Graph API

Add a Google Meet to Calendar Events with Google Apps Script

My small team relies on automation to make things run. Part of our PD process is a Google Form workflow that kicks off calendar events, document creation, and email notifications. Since we’ve moved to online learning, we wanted to update that process to automatically add a Google Meet link for any PD that doesn’t have to be in person.

There are some official Google guides that show how to attach a Meet event to the Calendar, but nothing from the perspective of Apps Script specifically, so that’s what is shown here.

Source: Add a Google Meet to Calendar Events with Google Apps Script

TSChatWise — A Google Chat Education Tool

I like shortcuts! I’m in constant search of what I deem to be the most simple, efficient and effective shortcuts. I consider any tool, system or methodology which helps me streamline workflow and save precious time a shortcut. When I believe I’ve discovered (or perhaps created) a shortcut, especially a G Suite shortcut, I like to share that shortcut with others.

Take your G Suite organization’s education to the next level with TSChatWise … a Google Sheets and Apps Script powered Google Chat tool for teaching and learning. 🚀

Source: TSChatWise — A Google Chat Education Tool

TSFormBot — A Google Form Hangouts Chat Bot powered by Google Apps Script

TSFormBot is an Apps Script powered Google Form Hangouts Chat Bot which creates form submission webhook notifications for Hangouts Chat Rooms.

Need a structured ping on your Hangouts chat whenever someone submits a form? Laura Taylor has built a perfect solution with an ever more easier workflow documentation on how to implement it.

Source: techstreams/TSFormBot