Create a mail merge using Gmail and Google Sheets | Sheets to Apps

Whether you are in sales, marketing, education, project management, data analysis, etc., it’s common for people to want to send emails to multiple recipients with information that is customized to each. In this episode, learn about Martin Hawksey’s mail merge solution, which helps anyone send emails with customized content from a Google spreadsheet, and Gmail.

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Release Notes  |  Apps Script  |  Google Developers – January 21, 2020

The first release notes in 2020 for Google Apps Script are mostly related to the announcement of general availability of G Suite Add-ons and cover:

  • Manifest file structure changes (Note: “Manifest fields that previously supported Gmail add-ons still exist, but are now deprecated”)
  • Extension of the Card service
  • A Conference Data service has been added to sync Google Calendar with 3rd part conferencing applications

Visit the source link for more details.

Source: Release Notes  |  Apps Script  |  Google Developers

G Suite Updates Blog: G Suite Add-ons now generally available in Calendar, Gmail, and Google Drive

Take action without leaving G Suite

Image credit: Google – Take action without leaving G Suite 

Last year we announced the beta of G Suite Add-ons, a new cross-suite platform that connects G Suite to your favorite workplace apps. Beginning today, G Suite Add-ons will begin rolling out to all users.

Whilst the Add-on ecosystem is being extended making them generally available to end users developers will have to wait until you can start developing new add-ons for G Suite:

Organizations can also build their own add-ons using Apps Script. Note that the developer feature will be fully available in early February

Source: G Suite Updates Blog: G Suite Add-ons now generally available in Calendar, Gmail, and Google Drive

Build it for G Suite – Everyone has their own superpowers | Sheets to Apps – YouTube

Everyone has their own superpowers. Whether you’re an Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Task Automater, or Programmer, you can use G Suite to support these talents. In this video, we’ll go over what tools you can use to support these different talents.

Send content automatically via a Google Sheet and an Apps Script | Sheets to Apps – YouTube

In this episode of Sheets to Apps, see why it can be handy to use a Google Form to help requestors receive assets like e-books or online white papers automatically by email using Apps Script.

Full tour of Google App Maker’s interface | Sheets to Apps – YouTube

We’ve gone over the basics of App Maker, but now it’s time to explore the interface further. Alexandrina Garcia-Verdin goes over how to utilize and modify tools and widgets, in this episode of Sheets to Apps!

Write Apps Script Offline with clasp

🗺️ Develop Locally: clasp allows you to develop your Apps Script projects locally. That means you can check-in your code into source control, collaborate with other developers, and use your favorite tools to develop Apps Script.

Source: google/clasp

The Apps Script IDE is great, but with larger projects, I know I’ve wanted to be able to use a more powerful IDE. clasp (Command Line Apps Script Projects) is a CLI that allows you to start, write, test, and deploy Apps Script projects from any text editor you want.

Getting started, quickly build a basic app on Google App Maker – Sheets to Apps – YouTube

In this episode, we give you some brief examples of what kind of apps you can create with App Maker. Learn how to get started and quickly build a basic app on App Maker!

G Suite Updates Blog: Goal Seek add-on now available for Google Sheets

You can use the Goal Seek add-on to calculate the required value of a cell to achieve a desired value in another cell. This is particularly useful when conducting break-even analysis or sensitivity calculations, like determining how changing one value affects other correlated values in your sheet.

Interesting to see Google extending the functionality of Google Sheets with this official add-on

Source: G Suite Updates Blog: Goal Seek add-on now available for Google Sheets

How To: Add add-ons in Google Sheets – YouTube

A short promo video from the official G Suite account showing users how to install add-ons in Google Sheets, which developers might find useful to reference or see how to structure their own add-on videos.

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