Promote your Google Workspace Marketplace apps with the new badge for developers

Continuing with updates to further improve the developer experience, we are excited to announce Google Workspace Marketplace badges. The new badges will allow developers to promote their published Google Workspace Marketplace applications on their own websites. Users will be taken directly to the Marketplace application listing, where they can review application details, privacy policy, terms of service, and more. These users will then be able to securely install applications directly from the Google Workspace Marketplace.

The post from Google contains more information about the benefits of using a promotional badge and how to get on for your Google Workspace Marketplace add-ons.

Source: Promote your Google Workspace Marketplace apps with the new badge for developers

Google Forms API now available in open beta

The Google Forms API is now rolling out as an Open Beta which means developers who are part of our Early Adopter Program can make their integrations available to the public. We’ll no longer require individual end-user accounts to be allowlisted. … Developers can apply to join our Early Adopter Program and begin developing using the Google Forms API by filling out this form.

In other Google Workspace news the new Google Forms API continues it’s journey to general availability with the announcement of the open beta. Just as the other Google Workspace REST APIs can be useful to Google Apps Script developers it’s useful to keep an eye on what is possible in the Forms API.

Source: Google Forms API now available in open beta

Enhanced menus in Google Sheets improves findability of key features (and an important update for Google Workspace Developers)

New Google Sheets menus
New Google Sheets menus

We’re updating the menus in Google Sheets to make it easier to locate the most commonly-used features. Some of your favorite menu items may have moved a little, but all existing functionality is still available. We hope that their new home will be more intuitive and make it easier and faster to navigate the product.

Google Workspace Updates

Google have updated the menus in Google Sheets to help with discoverability. For Google Workspace Developers one of the big changes is the new Extensions menu which replaces ‘Add-ons’ and includes links to Macros, Script Editor and AppSheet. Whilst painful if you need to update support documentation the new structure will hopefully make the location of these tools more intuitive. We covered the Google Sheets menu update in the latest episode of Totally Unscripted:

Source: Enhanced menus in Google Sheets improves findability of key features

App pricing, update details, and Editor’s choice now available on Google Workspace Marketplace


Image credit: Google

Google Workspace Marketplace is proud to announce the availability for developers to display pricing for their applications published in the Google Workspace Marketplace, and the date their application listing was last updated.

Monetization of Google Workspace Marketplace Add-ons is a topic that has often been raised. This latest update from Google doesn’t directly address in-app purchasing but it does provide a way for listings to be more transparent about pricing. Check the source post for more details on this and other Google Workspace Marketplace updates.

Source: App pricing, update details, and Editor’s choice now available on Google Workspace Marketplace

Announcing the Google Forms API

Google is proud to announce the Google Forms API! The Forms API is currently available in Restricted Beta, with Open Beta expected to follow in Q4. … The new Google Forms API provides programmatic access for managing forms and acting on responses, empowering developers to build powerful integrations on top of Forms.

The Forms API is currently in Restricted Beta. We encourage you to apply here to be an early adopter to get started with the API today! We’ll also send you important updates about Open Beta and improvements to the API. To keep up to date with all the APIs of your favorite Google Apps, please subscribe to the Google Workspace Developer Newsletter.

On Totally Unscripted we were delighted to have Christian Schalk (Developer Advocate, Google) and Hannah Pho (Software Engineer, Google) as well as early Forms API partners Charles Kemp (Strategic Alliances Manager, Zapier) and Charles Wiles (CEO, Zzish), talk about the new Forms API. A recording of the show is on YouTube and show notes will soon be added to the Totally Unscripted website.

Source: Announcing the Google Forms API

Deliver asynchronous notifications in Google Chat using webhooks (Webhooks + Apps Script = Magic)

For community members receiving these timely updates, this “bot” may seem magical. In reality, it’s neither magic nor a traditional Chat bot, so the reference in the Chat UI calling it a “bot” is a bit of a misnomer. The Google Updates “bot” is in fact a simple Google Apps Script application that parses the RSS feed about new posts, and sends them asynchronously to the room via webhooks.

We’ve highlighted the ‘Wexbot’ before both in a Pulse post and in a Totally Unscripted episode, but nice to see it also feature in the official Google Developers blog.

Source: Deliver asynchronous notifications in Google Chat using webhooks

Google Workspace Developers can now connect in the Google Cloud Communities

Welcome to the developer form for Google Workspace. … I am hoping this will become a great space for sharing developer tips and tricks amongst each other.

Google Cloud Communities is a space hosted by Google designed to allow people using Google Cloud technologies to “meet industry peers, ask questions, collaborate to find answers, and connect with Googlers who are making the products you use every day”. There is now a new Google Workspace Developers space where you can:

“Connect with other Google Workspace Developers, the Google Workspace Developer Experts (GDEs) and the Google team to share and learn from each other”

The new discussion space includes an area to highlight relevant events and will be run to supplement discussions and connections in existing forums.

Source: Google Workspace Developers 

Accelerate Google Workspace Add-on and chat bot development with the Card Builder tool | Demo

Take a quick tour through the new Card Builder tool for Google Workspace Add-ons and see how it helps you quickly design and generate code for card-based interfaces.

We’ve mentioned the Card Builder tool in a couple of episodes of Totally Unscripted but if you’ve got come across it yet Steve Bazyl provides a quick overview. This tool can be used to help developing Workspace Add-ons that use the Card Service ( and also Google Chat bots (

Google Area 120 Tables Beta joins Google Cloud opening up access for all!

Image: Google Area 120

Last September, Tables launched in Area 120, Google’s internal incubator for experimental projects, with the goal of proving market demand for a solution to help teams organize and track work, and it was a success! Google Cloud has committed to investing in this product area long-term. Moving forward, the beta version of Tables will still be available until we release a fully-supported Google Cloud product – which we expect to complete in the next year.

If you are not familiar with the Tables Beta it is a collaborative data platform designed to make it easier for no/low coders to create workflows and automations. If you would like to see the Tables beta in action Co-founder & Product Lead, Carlin Yuen, joined us on Totally Unscripted in New workflow solutions with Tables and Google Apps Script.The Tables beta has so far been limited to users in the US. The source link provides more details about timelines and how non-US users can join the beta. [HT Ivan Kutil]

Source: Tables Beta Update & FAQ

Google I/O AMA: Integrate Google Workspace with your solutions – 20 May 2021 at 2000UTC

Join this Ask Me Anything Session to get answers from the Google Workspace Development Platform and Google Workspace Developer Relations teams about how to integrate with your own solutions.

As part of Google I/O several of the Google team are hosting a Google Workspace developers ‘ask me anything’ session. The session panel includes Matt Izatt (Google Workspace Product Manager), Olaf Hubel (Google Workspace DevRel Manage), Charles Maxson (Google Developer Advocate and Totally Unscripted co-host) and Steven Bazyl Google Workspace Developer Relations Engineer. Follow the link to sign-up and follow the session.

Source: Google I/O 2021

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