Google Workspace Developer Summit – Toronto and Chicago March 9 & 14, 2023 

Calling all #GoogleWorkspace Developers! The Google Workspace Platform team will host two Developer Summits at Google Toronto (March 9th) and Google Chicago (March 14th).

The Google Workspace Developer Relations team are on the road again with their latest Developer Summit. This time the team will be hitting Toronto and Chicago. The events are a great opportunity to discuss the Google Workspace platform vision, meet other Google Workspace developers and visit one of the Google offices. Attendance is free and you can find out more about the event and register your interest to attend via the source link.

Source: Google Workspace Developer Summit – Toronto and Chicago

Announcing: AppSheet Chat Apps now available to preview program!

We’re happy to announce that AppSheet-powered no-code chat apps are now available in preview for Workspace customers in AppSheet!

You can access this feature right now if you are in the Preview Program, and you can provide any feedback in this thread. If needed, additional information can be found in our help center articles. We’re targeting a full launch for later this year.

I’ve been spending a fair bit of time in Google’s ‘no-code’ platform AppSheet. Even for developers there is plenty to get your teeth into with features like Apps Script integration. One of the incredibly powerful core features of AppSheet is the ability to send dynamic emails which include forms designed in AppSheet. These allow users to interact with your app without leaving their inbox.

Whilst the inbox dominates in many business sectors, support for frontline workers increasingly leans on other communication channels including Google Chat. With the announcement of AppSheet powered no-code Google Chat apps there is now an opportunity to also push dynamic forms, send data and interact with Chat users in that space. For developers there is also the opportunity to do even more with the Apps Script integration. Follow the link to the announcement post to find out more…

Source: Announcing: AppSheet Chat Apps Now Available to Preview Program!

Google Workspace Developers can now connect in the Google Cloud Communities

Welcome to the developer form for Google Workspace. … I am hoping this will become a great space for sharing developer tips and tricks amongst each other.

Google Cloud Communities is a space hosted by Google designed to allow people using Google Cloud technologies to “meet industry peers, ask questions, collaborate to find answers, and connect with Googlers who are making the products you use every day”. There is now a new Google Workspace Developers space where you can:

“Connect with other Google Workspace Developers, the Google Workspace Developer Experts (GDEs) and the Google team to share and learn from each other”

The new discussion space includes an area to highlight relevant events and will be run to supplement discussions and connections in existing forums.

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