Create a Google Doc for a single row of Google Sheet data with Google Apps Script

Use a row of data in a Google Sheet to pass to a Google Doc via Apps Script

Use a row of data in a Google Sheet to pass to a Google Doc via Apps Script

Create a Google Doc containing the information from a selected row of Sheet data.

The following Google Apps Script is designed to create a Google Doc for the selected row of data in a Google Sheet and to include some of that data within the new Doc. it also creates a link to the new Doc back in the Sheet on the relevant row.

Source: The Gift of Script: Create a Google Doc for a single row of Sheet data

Automating Blog Summarisation with Google Apps Script, ChatGPT, and Open AI API

Are you someone who loves reading blogs but finds it difficult to make time for them? Or, are you a blogger looking to make your content more accessible to readers? You’re in luck! I discovered an incredible combination of tools that can help automate the summarisation of blog posts.

Learn how to automate blog summarisation with Google Apps Script, ChatGPT, and OpenAI API. This blog post by Aryan Irani guides you through the process, enabling you to enhance your content creation efficiency. Simplify summarisation and maximize productivity in just a few steps.

Source: Automating Blog Summarisation with Google Apps Script, ChatGPT, and Open AI API

Generate and send PDFs from Google Sheets with Google Apps Script 

Automatically create PDFs with information from sheets in a Google Sheets spreadsheet. Once the PDFs are generated, you can email them out directly from Sheets. This solution focuses on creating custom invoices, but you can update the template and script to fit your needs.

Today as part of a customer Google Apps Script introduction workshop, we covered a basic invoice / PDF example. By coincidence this month’s Google Workspace Developers Newsletter highlighted a solution spotlight from the Apps Script samples catalogue which does something very similar.

A trick I learned today from our Lead Workspace Trainer, Tim McLardy, was rather than using UrlFetchApp to get a PDF version of the Google Sheet with the export/?format=pdf url, is instead getting the Google Sheet as a blob and creating a pdf with DriveApp.createFile(). As this technique will generate a PDF with pages with all your Sheet tabs the trick is to selectively hide all but the tabs you want in your PDF. In the case of the example linked as the source post you can rewrite the createPDF() function as:

 * Creates a PDF for the customer given sheet.
 * @param {string} ssId - Id of the Google Spreadsheet
 * @param {object} sheet - Sheet to be converted as PDF
 * @param {string} pdfName - File name of the PDF being created
 * @return {file object} PDF file as a blob
function createPDF(ssId, sheet, pdfName) {
  // Based on
  const ss = sheet.getParent();
  const sheets = ss.getSheets();
  // Hides all sheets that are not the main one
  sheets.forEach(s => {
    if (s.getSheetName() !== INVOICE_TEMPLATE_SHEET_NAME) {   
  // make a pdf of the sheet
  const folder = getFolderByName_(OUTPUT_FOLDER_NAME);
  const pdfFile = folder.createFile(ss.getBlob()).setName(pdfName);
  // show all the sheets
  sheets.forEach(s => s.showSheet())
  return pdfFile;

Source: Generate & send PDFs from Google Sheets  |  Apps Script  |  Google Developers

Listing free Udemy courses in Google Sheets with the Udemy API and Apps Script

Learn how to use the Udemy API with Google Apps Script to find free programming courses on Udemy on any topic.

A double win in this post from Amit Agarwal. Not only can you get a list of free programming courses currently running on Udemy, but Amit includes the code snippet used to get/add these to a Google Sheet. This might be useful if you are working with other APIs and are looking for a code snippet to help format the data in a Google Sheets friendly format.

Source: Find Free Udemy Courses with Google Sheets and the Udemy API – Digital Inspiration

Add the User’s Signature Block to an Automated Gmail Email with Apps Script – Yagisanatode


Sending out emails as a part of a Google Workspace automated workflow is a very common task. In Google Apps Script we can send emails to users using the MailApp.sendEmail(), the GmailApp.sendEmail() method or even as a JSON payload with the Gmail Advanced API service.

While one might expect that the sender’s signature block would also be transmitted with the automated email, we find that this is not in fact the case.

Scott Donald highlights some of the pitfalls of trying to access the Gmail signatures using Google Apps Script. Fortunately Scott also shares a workaround for using a Gmail draft to store a number of signatures/snippets. This is all wrapped in a handy getSignatureBlock() function, created and shared by Scott to get either the user’s primary signature block or one stored in a draft.

Source: Add the User’s Signature Block to an Automated Gmail Email with Apps Script – Yagisanatode

How to highlight duplicate rows in Google Sheets with Google App Script

Highlight Duplicate Rows in spreadsheets efficiently and accurately with Google Apps Script for coders and non-coders.

Some nice techniques in this post which shows you how you can highlight duplicate rows in a Google Sheet using Google Apps Script. If you need to modify there is a isDuplicateRow() which could be modified to suit your needs. Another nice solution in this example is the inclusion of function to getRandomUniqueColor(), which returns a random hex colour.

Source: How to Highlight Duplicate Rows in Google Sheets?

From Point A to Point B: How to Use Google Apps Script to calculate distance and time in Google Sheets


Imagine you’re responsible for transporting materials from one location to another for a logistics company. Accurately calculating the distance and time between two points is crucial for efficient logistics management, and having this information readily available can save time, money, and effort. However, doing it manually can seem like a daunting task. But don’t worry, there’s a solution!

Discover how to automate distance and time calculations between two points in Google Sheets using Google Apps Script. This blog provides a step-by-step guide on setting up the integration and shows you how to use it to save time and increase productivity.

Source: From Point A to Point B: How to Use Google Apps Script to Calculate Distance and Time in Google Sheets

Handling Google Forms checkbox responses with Google Apps Script

Get Google Form responses for checkbox-type questions and perform further actions depending on their values.

Get all checkbox responses from a Form

Get all checkbox responses from a Form

The following Google Apps Script is an example of one way to get the responses from a Checkbox-type question on a Google Form and how you might go about differentiating them.

This came up for a project I was working on where I need to put a Yes/No value into 3 separate Google Sheet cells based on 3 options in a question. The slight challenge is that all of the responses come out as a single array for this question, containing the strings of the values that have been ticked only.

Source: The Gift of Script: Google Form Checkbox responses

Setup automated reminders in Google Forms/Google Sheets with Apps Script


In this article I’ll show you how to setup reminder emails that will get sent automatically each day if there are any pending tasks in your spreadsheet. Stay tuned until the end, where I’ll show you an easier way to accomplish this using Coda.

Eric Koleda must be the undisputed master of the Apps Script demo. The ‘random cat’ Add-on, is one of my favourite examples where Eric finds a really simple hook to get you engaged in what can often be a complex project. Eric is now Developer Advocate at Coda and he’s not lost is eye. In this post Eric gives the gift of script with a basic example of how you can handle email notifications from Google Form responses in batches with a timed trigger (cats being replaced for cakes). Eric also shows how a no-code alternative can be accomplished in Coda.

Source: Setup automated reminders in Google Sheets

Read and write multiple Properties with Google Apps Script

Bulk read and write a number of key-value pairs in the User Properties store. Extract to an Object for ease of use elsewhere in your code.

Access User Properties and put the values into an Object

Access User Properties and put the values into an Object

The following Google Apps Script is a few snippets of some larger code where I needed to write (and then later read back) a number of User Properties in one go. Rather than creating multiple single write requests it is more efficient to do this in bulk.

I also needed a way to bulk read/extract these values later so I implemented a JavaScript Object that would allow me to easily call the Property name and get its value in return.

Source: The Gift of Script: Read & write multiple User Properties