Totally Unscripted: Enough of this sheet. A look at Coda with Eric Koleda, Developer Advocate @coda_hq

As part of our last episode of Totally Unscripted we spoke to former Google Workspace DevRel Eric Koleda about his new role supporting the Coda community.

Coda provides word-processing, spreadsheet, and database functions. It’s a canvas that blends spreadsheets, presentations, apps, and documents together. The software can integrate with third-party services like Slack and Gmail.

Eric gave a fantastic overview of the Coda platform highlighting opportunities for developers to integrate with services like Google Apps Script via the Coda REST API and the new Coda Packs, which are currently in beta.

The clip is an excerpt from the full show where we get to see these features in action and some additional resources referenced are linked below:

How to Create Automated Snapshots of your Google Sheet using Google Apps Script

In this video, we’ll show you how to automate snapshots of your Google Sheets and have those logs stored in a separate Google Drive folder so that you can keep your logs nicely organized for future reference. To do this, we’ll be using Google Apps Script to create a script that references the SpreadsheetApp library and the DriveApp library.

There seems to be an increasing number of YouTube channels dedicating content to highlight Google Apps Script solutions. Here’s the latest one we’ve come across from aguycalledjoe at

Google Apps Script Tutorial: Letterhead in Google Docs

In this Google Apps Script tutorial you will learn how to automatically create a letterhead in Google Docs.

This is a nice short video tutorial from Chanel Greco highlighting how you can manipulate a Google Doc header using Google Apps Script.

Bulk create Google Drive Folders and add Files

Bulk create Google Drive folders with optional files copied into each one. Also optionally add edit permissions to these folders/files.

Bulk create Google Drive folders and add files, from a Sheet of data

Bulk create Google Drive folders and add files, from a Sheet of data

The following Google Apps Script tool was developed to bulk create Google Drive folders with optional files copied in to each one, all from data within a Google Sheet. There is also the option to add specific ‘edit’ permissions to the newly create Drive folders of which the files would automatically inherit this access level.

Key Functionality:

  • Complete the necessary information in the Config sheet before proceeding. Then use the Create folders option from the Admin menu at the top of the Google Sheet.
  • Adding permissions is optional – use the Config sheet to change the dropdown as required. If you select ‘No’ then the usual Google Drive inheritance will occur based on the parent Google Drive folder.
  • You can add multiple File IDs into the relevant cell and they can be different for each row. Leaving this cell blank/empty means no files will attempt to be copied into the new folder.
  • The original filename will be updated during the copy to append the folder name to the end of it, in order to prevent creating a large number of files with identical names.
  • There is a Log sheet to help troubleshoot any errors which may occur when running the tool.

Source: The Gift of Script: Bulk create Google Drive Folders and add Files

Visually code Google Apps Script with Teacher Blocks

This is a quick discussion of how teacher can respond to student work using block based coding.

This is a very interesting prototype which makes it easier for users to visually develop Google Apps Script code. Developed by Stephen Callahan as part of a Google Innovator Project, TeacherBlocks lets to drag and drop blocks to design your code and automatically create the required script to copy/paste into your Google Doc. Watch the video to see it in action or visit the source link to try it yourself.

Source: Teacher Blocks

How to Automatically Archive Gmail Messages and update your Gmail signature with Google Apps Script

Chanel Greco at saperis has shared some useful video tutorials that should help beginner Google Apps Script developers with working with Gmail:

In this Google Apps Script tutorial we will learn how to automatically archive Gmail messages.

In this video tutorial you will learn how to create an email signature in Gmail.

Extract text from multiple Google Docs into a Sheet

The following Google Apps Script is designed to iterate through Google Docs in a given Google Drive folder and extract the paragraphs of text along with a link to each file into a Google Sheet. A new column will automatically be appended for each paragraph.

This tool was designed with the vision that you may wish to centrally collate some comments/feedback written by others in Docs, into one central location so you do not need to open each file in turn.

Provide a Google Folder ID to extract text from Docs

Provide a Google Folder ID to extract text from Docs

Source: The Gift of Script: Extract text from multiple Google Docs into a Sheet

Accelerate Google Workspace Add-on and chat bot development with the Card Builder tool | Demo

Take a quick tour through the new Card Builder tool for Google Workspace Add-ons and see how it helps you quickly design and generate code for card-based interfaces.

We’ve mentioned the Card Builder tool in a couple of episodes of Totally Unscripted but if you’ve got come across it yet Steve Bazyl provides a quick overview. This tool can be used to help developing Workspace Add-ons that use the Card Service ( and also Google Chat bots (

Telegram Bot with Inline Keyboard in Google Sheets [and Google Apps Script]

Questa funzionalità permette di visualizzare, insieme al messaggio del bot, una tastiera virtuale con una serie di bottoni dove gli basterà cliccare su uno di essi per scegliere la sua risposta

[Google Translate: This feature allows you to view, together with the message of the bot, a virtual keyboard with a series of buttons where it will be enough to click on one of them to choose its response]

The accompanying video and post for this solution are in Italian and Google Translate might be required. This is a great resource and another example of a high quality video produced by the Apps Script community. The solution provides an overview of how you can display an inline keyboard within a Telegram Bot using a single Google Apps Script project.

Source: Telegram Bot with Inline Keyboard in Google Sheets

Google App Script Properties and Cache Services

Properties and Cache

Video showing the Properties and Cache Services available for Google Apps Script

  • The Properties and Cache Services are designed to hold data for use beyond a single run of a script.
  • The Legacy IDE had an option to see view and directly interact with the Script Properties. This is not available in the new IDE but the service still exists and can be interacted with via code.
  • The primary difference between the PropertiesService and CacheService is that key-value pairs in the Cache are automatically deleted after 25 minutes, while data in the PropertiesService persist until deleted via code (or manually from the Legacy IDE)

Interesting to see a growing number of video tutorials being produced by the App Script community. The latest we’ve come across comes from Spencer Farris who in this post provides an overview of the Properties and Cache service. Click through to the source post to watch the video and access additional resources.

Source: Google App Script Properties and Cache Services

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