How to send text messages using Google Sheets and Twilio – Sheets to Apps

Did you know that you can send text messages via Google Sheets? In this episode of Sheets to Apps, we show you how to easily send text messages with Google Sheets via Twilio – an online communications provider.

Back in January Sourabh Choraria highlighted a Medium post from AVG showing how to Send SMS event updates or discount codes using Twilio from a Google Sheet. AVG has now created a short explanatory video covering this solution. You can view the video description for all the code and resources you need to try out this solution.

Google Apps Script video tutorials from @saperis_io

It’s always nice to see members of the community contribute new resources. The latest comes from a growing list of videos produced by Chanel Greco Founder & CEO of saperis. These videos are designed to show how repetitive tasks in G Suite can be automated using Google Apps Script. Chanel has lots of other G Suite problem solving solutions posted on the saperis YouTube channel.

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