Live and pre-recorded tech talks for Google Workspace Admins

Google Workspace Admins is an IT admin driven series of live and pre-recorded technical talks covering any and all topics that a Google Workspace Admin would find useful. We’ll cover topics that would benefit the Tier 1 IT help desk admin on up to the super admin and the CIO. Signup to get invited to all future events.

I’ve been a Google Workspace Admin for over a decade, mostly working on small domains. More recently my role requires me to support larger domains, often with enhanced security needs and the requirement to generally do everything on a bigger scale. This is where tools like GAM and Google Apps Script become essential to help with the heavy lifting.

Broadening the range of Google Workspace domains I support has also required me to broaden the channels and communities where I can learn and keep up-to-date. Recently, I was pointed to the Google Workspace Admins YouTube channel. Whilst this channel is relatively new it’s bursting with a wide range of technical focused solutions and discussions. Follow the link to subscribe to the channel and there is a form to get invited to all future events.

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