Totally Unscripted: “The State of Script” address from Google – Fri 04 Dec at 1200 PST / 1500 EST / 2000 UTC

In this episode of Totally Unscripted we are joined by Keith Einstein Product Manager for Apps Script and Charles Maxson (TU host and Developer Advocate at Google). As part of this show Keith will review the current state of Apps Script and also exclusively reveal some forthcoming soon to be released features.

The show is also an opportunity to get your Apps Script related questions in which can be emailed to [email protected] or asked live via YouTube chat.

Creating an embedded interactive Chain Story app with Google Apps Script and Google Sheets – Yagisanatode

In this tutorial, we are going to create an interactive story chain app that we can embed into a Google Site or your own site like WordPress.

Yagi uses a simple but very effective interactive story chain app to explore and explain some very powerful Apps Script functionality all developers should know about. This includes using the LockService which can be used to prevent concurrent access to sections of code. Yagi also highlights some recent discussions around the limitations of Web Apps and concurrent users. Click through to the source for all this and more.

Source: Creating an embedded interactive Chain Story app with Google Apps Script and Google Sheets – Yagisanatode

Alexa Rank Tracker built in Google Sheets with formulas and Google Apps Script –

Tutorial on how to build an Alexa Rank tracker in Google Sheets, using the powerful IMPORTDATA and REGEXEXTRACT functions and Apps Script.

Clever post from Ben Collins highlighting how Google Sheets functions can be used to scrape Alexa tracking data. As a bonus Ben includes a little snippet of Google Apps Script to let you archive data over time.

Source: Alexa Rank Tracker built in Google Sheets with formulas and Apps Script

Check Twilio Balance using Google Apps Script

In this post, we will learn how to check the Twilio Balance using Apps Script and send an email to the user when the threshold level meets.

Nice post that introduces interacting with the Twilio service using Google Apps Script. The post includes lots of useful screenshots and illustrations to help you create you own billing alert system.

Source: Check Twilio Balance using Apps Script

Integrating AppSheet with Google Workspace – #BuildingWithAppSheet

Did you know that AppSheet can integrate with Google Workspace? In this video, we speak to how AppSheet – Google Cloud’s no-code application platform – helps citizen developers streamline their workflows, and demo how you can create your own app in Google Sheets. Watch to explore the possibilities of AppSheet!

TU Special: Using the Google Video Intelligence API to index and disambiguate films by content – 24 Nov at 0800 PST / 1000 EST / 1600 UTC

In this TU special we are joined by Bruce Mcpherson who will share work on detecting similarities and duplication between films digitally using the trained ML models in the Google Video Intelligence API. With this the video content itself can be identified, tracked, searched, visualized and compared.

Mobile App Development: Legal Considerations (top level guidance for Google Apps Script Add-on developers)

This video comes via a share from Alan Wells on the Google Apps Script community group. As pointed out by Alan whilst this webinar recording from SCORE focuses on mobile app development and distribution via Apple and Google the principles in terms of privacy policies, terms of service and intellectual property broadly apply if you are developing a distributing add-ons or other products developed using Google Apps Script.

Collect and approve timesheets via Google Sheets and Apps Script- Sheets to Apps

In this episode of Sheets to Apps, we show you how you can easily build a payroll app that makes approving timesheets easier and communication with management seamless. Watch to learn how you can build a timesheet application with zero code!

Click through to the YouTube page and check the video description for all the resources to replicate this solution.

Sending data from a channel webhook to Google Sheets with Google Apps Script 

push data from web captioner to google sheets via webhooks built using apps script.

the problem – playing with which lets you specify a webhook url. i was experimenting with adding captions to a google doc in realtime but apps script couldn’t keep up dropping ~20% of the captions sent via the hook

Sourabh Choraria kindly helped me solve an issue I was having passing data from to Google Sheets. Click through to the source link for the full explanation from Sourabh, but in essence the problem was I was losing data because I wasn’t using the LockService.

In the meantime have also updated there channel webhooks so you can set a data chuck size so if you are looking to capture a transcript in Google Docs you can use the following published as a container bound web app:

// @OnlyCurrentDoc
function doPost(e) {
  const params = JSON.parse(e.postData.contents);
    .appendParagraph(Utilities.formatDate(new Date(), "GMT", "HH:mm:ss")+': ' + params.transcript);

Source: web captioner, webhooks and google apps script

Templated Emails With Google Apps Script To Make Your Brand Team Happy

If your organization is using G-Suite (now known as Google Workspaces) then you’re hopefully using Google Apps Script to automate your email communication. (If you aren’t, why not? It’s a brilliant way to manage your communications.) You probably have different types of emails — for different purposes.

Do all of your emails have the same look-and-feel? Do they all match your organization’s branding requirements? How easy is it to update the format for all of them if you need to change a core/base element? Maybe the company tagline and color theme changed — how quickly can you get all of your emails updated?

I am going to show you how to create templated emails so that all of the emails you send have the same look-and-feel and are easy to maintain/update.

Source: Templated Emails With Google Apps Script To Make Your Brand Team Happy

Totally Unscripted:  Getting hooked on AppSheet – 19 Nov at 1200 PST / 1500 EST / 2000 UTC

In this episode of Totally Unscripted we are joined by Praveen Seshadri co-founder of AppSheet, the no-code mobile-application-building platform recently acquired by Google. Joining Praveen will be Christian Schalk, Developer Advocate at Google and long time advocate of entry level application development tools. In this session we will discuss the AppSheet philosophy and how the platform can be used to help deliver Google Workspace based solutions.

If you have any questions for this episode they can be emailed to [email protected] or tweeted @AppsScriptInfo

How to Copy a Row to another Sheet with Google Apps Script – Learn how in this tutorial from @saperis_io

Tired of manually copying rows from one Google sheet to another? Automate it! I’ll show you how in my latest video tutorial.

For people just getting started in Apps Script nice little video tutorial showing how you can move rows in Google Sheets (this tutorial is the latest in a growing list of videos produced by Chanel Greco Founder & CEO of saperis).

Quickstart: Check student attendance in Google Meet from a Google Classroom roster using Google Apps Script

Complete the steps on this page to create a Google Sheets add-on that tracks attendance for Google Classroom courses delivered using Google Meet conferencing.

Nice spot via @barrielroberts/@alicekeeler for an official Google Apps Script quickstart which combines Google Sheets, Google Classroom and Admin Reports which lets you create an automated Google Meets attendance roster tool. The quickstart has all the code and instructions you need to get this working.

Source: Quickstart: Check student attendance in Google Meet courses

Totally Unscripted: Getting Started with Google Workspace Add-ons Development – 12 Nov at 1200 PST / 1500 EST / 2000 UTC

Thursday, 12 November 2020 at 1200 PST / 1500 EST / 2000 UTC

Guests – Mike Rhemtulla (Product Manager, Google Workspace), Steven Bazyl (Developer Relations, Google Cloud) and Steve Webster (SW gApps LLC, President)

In this episode we are joined by Mike Rhemtulla and Steven Bazyl exploring Google Workspace Add-on development. As part of this with Mike will share the impact and opportunity of being of contributing to the Google Workspace Marketplace, while Steven will share tips on building Add-ons. Finally, Steve will share tips on migrating existing HTMLService based Add-ons to the new Card Service

Use the YouTube comments to share any Marketplace and Workspace Add-on questions before the show or email them to [email protected]

Creating Unique Ranges from 2D Arrays in Google Apps Script – Yagisanatode

If you have ever done any work in Google Sheets you might have come across the incredibly useful UNIQUE function. This function can take a single row or multiple rows and generate a list of unique cell values.

Sometime you might have a use case where you need to replicate the UNIQUE functionality in Google Apps Script. … Whatever the case, knowing how to to create a unique array from a 1-dimensional array or a 2-dimensional array is an important part of your toolkit as a coding goat 🐐.

This tutorial will look at how to create this with modern Javascript that is incorporated into the Google Apps Script language.

Source: Creating Unique Ranges from 2D Arrays in Google Apps Script – Yagisanatode

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