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Google Cloud has acquired AppSheet. Do I care? At first I thought, “Not really, it’s just interesting news.”

I guess that I do care in the sense that I want to be valued as a programmer, and no-code development feels like programmers are being thrown away in favor of something else. The driving force behind this is development costs. Even if an independent programmer only charged $5 dollars an hour, in two hours the customer would have paid $10 dollars, which is twice as much money as the $5 a month AppSheet plan.

It was recently announced that Google has acquired AppSheet a low-code platform for business users that lets you build applications that can integrate into a variety of sources including Google Sheets. This has resulted in an interesting thread on the Google Apps Script Community Google Group linked to from the source link at the end of this post, in particular, impact on Apps Script developers. On the one hand you can argue that products like AppSheet, with there low/no code environments remove the need for developers. However, the general consensus on the thread is rather than removing developer opportunities it may in fact create them with opportunities to extend the basic functionality of AppSheets. This comment from Alan Wells in particular caught my eye:

What AppsSheet does, is increase the number of apps and code being created, as opposed to lots of business creating no apps at all.  It’s kind of like, you need a lot more mechanics if everyone can afford a car.  If only the rich can afford a car, then there aren’t going to be many car mechanic jobs.  So, I think that AppSheet is filling a need, which increases the number of apps.  Some of those apps will crash, and they’ll need the equivalent of an auto body technician to repair the damage.  This is part of the evolution of the computing industry.

You can join in on this discuss using the following link:

Source: AppSheet purchased by Google Cloud – News – Google Groups

5 Google Sheets Script Functions You Need to Know

Google Apps scripting is a background scripting tool that works not only in Google Sheets but also Google Docs, Gmail, Google Analytics, and nearly every other Google cloud service. It lets you automate those individual apps, and integrate each of those apps with each other.

Source: 5 Google Sheets Script Functions You Need to Know

Google Apps Script Development – Best Practices – Andrew Roberts

This is an overview of the various techniques and best practices I have evolved in developing Google Apps Scripts over the years. Of course Google have got a few suggestions of their own, and there are plenty of more general …

This includes some good design pattern considerations for Apps Script projects as well as links to testing libraries, boilerplate frameworks, and extensions that help manage Apps Script work.

Source: Google Apps Script Development – Best Practices – Andrew Roberts

Google Apps Script growth analysis based on Stackoverflow analysis

Source: Kanshi Tanaike

An interesting analysis prepared by Kanshi Tanaike of the ‘google-apps-script’ tag usage on Stackoverflow which shows that since 2016 there has been an increase in questions related to the tag with a bigger increase in 2019. Clicking through to the source post you’ll also see the data shows that new users asking questions about Google Apps Script is growing quicker than those who are answering them.

Source: Trend of google-apps-script Tag on Stackoverflow 2020

iterate ~80x faster through spreadsheet using map function in apps script

use array map method instead of “for” loops to iterate faster through 2-dimensional spreadsheet data.

Sourabh Choraria shares his experience of using to find values in a Google Sheet and the performance benefit of using this approach.

Source: iterate ~80x faster through spreadsheet using map function in apps script

Bulk save emails from Gmail

Screenshot of setup sheet for tool.

Screenshot of setup sheet for tool.

This tool is designed to bulk save emails (and associated attachments) from a specified Gmail label into a Google Drive folder, with relevant threads combined into a single PDF document.

Source: The Gift of Script: Bulk save emails from Gmail – overview

G Suite Training & Automation 20-21 February 2020 F2F and Online organized by SW gApps LLC

G Suite Training & Automation Conference Speakers

SW gApps LLC is hosting a G Suite and automaton training conference for organizations who have invested in Google’s productivity software known as G Suite. Send your associates to be more equipped and productive!

SW gApps LLC which is run by long time Google Apps Script contributor Steve Webster is running a two day training event for anyone interested in G Suite. Speakers and trainers include James Ferreira (Google, G Suite Specialist), Alexandrina Garcia-Verdin (Google, G Suite Developer Advocate [remote]) Ben Collins (Google Developer Expert and Google Sheets Developer & Data Analytics Instructor) as well as Steve Webster and Eric Schwartz from SW gApps LLC. There is an early bird registration available until February for either attending in-person or a reduced fee for remote attendees. You can follow the source link for more details.

Source: G Suite Training & Automation

Google Sheets Sort By Color And Google Sheets Filter By Color, With Apps Script

Use Google Apps Script to create Google Sheets sort-by-color and filter-by-color features and replicate the functionality that Excel has.

Love the clever workaround Ben Collins uses to let you filter and/or sort a Google Sheet by cell colour. Ben’s post includes all the code you need and an explanation of how it works … or you can just make a copy of the sheet and start using yourself.

Source: Google Sheets Sort By Color And Google Sheets Filter By Color, With Apps Script

How I Email: Ben Collins, Google Sheets Developer & Data Analytics Instructor – The Gmail Genius

Google Sheets expert Ben Collins shares tips and tricks for getting the most out of G Suite for your personal or business email.

In this interview Ben also shares a number of Google Apps Script based solutions he has developed and shared for managing his inbox including “I wrote a small program that automatically creates a draft reply from each row of my Google Sheet. Based on the sentiment of the response, the program adds a generic thank you message. Now my workflow is to go directly to my draft Gmail folder, review these draft emails (which include the feedback so I don’t even have to look at the Google Sheet) and add a custom response before hitting send”. You can view the interview for a link to the example script Ben shared for this.

Source: How I Email: Ben Collins, Google Sheets Developer & Data Analytics Instructor – The Gmail Genius

List of over 130 shared Google Apps Script libraries developed by Bruce Mcpherson

Regular Google Apps Script Community contributor Bruce Mcpherson has published a list of all the Google Apps Script libraries he’s developed since 2012. The list includes links to the source repositories and if you spot a library you like the sound of you can search for more information on Bruce’s Desktop Liberation site .

Source: List of shared Apps Script libraries · Issue #31 · brucemcpherson/desktopliberation

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