TU Special: Using the Google Video Intelligence API to index and disambiguate films by content – 24 Nov at 0800 PST / 1000 EST / 1600 UTC

In this TU special we are joined by Bruce Mcpherson who will share work on detecting similarities and duplication between films digitally using the trained ML models in the Google Video Intelligence API. With this the video content itself can be identified, tracked, searched, visualized and compared.

Mobile App Development: Legal Considerations (top level guidance for Google Apps Script Add-on developers)

This video comes via a share from Alan Wells on the Google Apps Script community group. As pointed out by Alan whilst this webinar recording from SCORE focuses on mobile app development and distribution via Apple and Google the principles in terms of privacy policies, terms of service and intellectual property broadly apply if you are developing a distributing add-ons or other products developed using Google Apps Script.

Totally Unscripted:  Getting hooked on AppSheet – 19 Nov at 1200 PST / 1500 EST / 2000 UTC

In this episode of Totally Unscripted we are joined by Praveen Seshadri co-founder of AppSheet, the no-code mobile-application-building platform recently acquired by Google. Joining Praveen will be Christian Schalk, Developer Advocate at Google and long time advocate of entry level application development tools. In this session we will discuss the AppSheet philosophy and how the platform can be used to help deliver Google Workspace based solutions.

If you have any questions for this episode they can be emailed to [email protected] or tweeted @AppsScriptInfo

Totally Unscripted: Getting Started with Google Workspace Add-ons Development – 12 Nov at 1200 PST / 1500 EST / 2000 UTC

Thursday, 12 November 2020 at 1200 PST / 1500 EST / 2000 UTC

Guests – Mike Rhemtulla (Product Manager, Google Workspace), Steven Bazyl (Developer Relations, Google Cloud) and Steve Webster (SW gApps LLC, President)

In this episode we are joined by Mike Rhemtulla and Steven Bazyl exploring Google Workspace Add-on development. As part of this with Mike will share the impact and opportunity of being of contributing to the Google Workspace Marketplace, while Steven will share tips on building Add-ons. Finally, Steve will share tips on migrating existing HTMLService based Add-ons to the new Card Service

Use the YouTube comments to share any Marketplace and Workspace Add-on questions before the show or email them to [email protected]

‘Totally Unscripted’ the Google Workspace and Apps Script developer show is back!

Totally Unscripted is a Google Workspace and Apps Script developer show organized by the community for the community. We invite members of the community to share their Google Workspace developer tips, tricks and triumphs.

Totally Unscripted the Google Workspace and Apps Script developer community show returns! The shows are an opportunity to learn about the very latest Google Workspace and Apps Script updates from both the community and Google. We are returning with a series of six weekly shows starting with ‘Meet the new Google Workspace Developers Experts‘ on 05 November 2020 at 20:00 UTC (TZ conversion).

In this show you have an opportunity to meet some of the new Google Developers Experts (GDE) in Google Apps Script. As well as finding out how our experts got involved in Apps Script, we find out why they think it is different to other platforms, their favourite killer app and why you should learn Apps Script. The show is also an opportunity to find out if you’ve got what it takes to become our next newest GDEs. For this episode we are joined by:

Below is a calendar with a summary of the other show dates and topics:

Source: Totally Unscripted

Develop My First Gmail Add-on via Google Apps Script: My Software Engineer Internship at dialoggBox

I’m a teacher-turned-developer actively searching my first software engineer job during the pandemic after graduating from Hackbright Academy. As a bootcamp new grad, I am lucky to get an internship opportunity to develop a gmail add-on product at dialoggBox to gain my first industry experience and learn how to work with stakeholders.

My article will be composed of three parts:

  • What service do dialoggBox and this gmail add-on provide?
  • What was my experience using Google Apps Script to build an add-on product?
  • How did I develop each section of the gmail add-on?

The actual details of the add-on developed by the author, Nancy Dai, are promised in a follow-up post but this post serves as a useful insight into the main things to look out for when developing Gmail Add-ons.

Bonus: Following the link to the dialoggBox website I spotted they were using icons from which also took me their sister site, which in turn took me to their ‘Icons for Slides and Docs’ add-on.

Source: Develop My First Gmail Add-on via Google Apps Script: My Software Engineer Internship at dialoggBox

Google Apps Script video tutorials from @saperis_io

It’s always nice to see members of the community contribute new resources. The latest comes from a growing list of videos produced by Chanel Greco Founder & CEO of saperis. These videos are designed to show how repetitive tasks in G Suite can be automated using Google Apps Script. Chanel has lots of other G Suite problem solving solutions posted on the saperis YouTube channel.

Pen-based Interaction with Google Sheets in Mobile Virtual Reality

I’m sure for many pro Google Sheets users when you look at a Google Sheet what you see on screen is different for what you ‘see’ in your mind. Researchers from Coburg University, Microsoft Research and the University of Cambridge have potentially bridged this gap showing what Google Sheets can look like virtual reality (VR).

Whilst the video embedded above is not explicitly about Google Apps Script, I think it’s always worth keeping an eye on the horizon to see what the future might bring (you might want to skip through to 05:12 to see what I mean). You can also read the full research paper, in which the researchers explain how they used the Google Sheets API to build the experimental interface in the Unity game engine.

For Google Apps Script developers I’m sure you’ll be able to see how this solution could also benefited from the built-in SpreadsheetApp methods like getCurrentCell() and activate(), rather than using the the Sheet API, which reported as a limitation that haas reported in the research paper:

Since the Google Sheets API exposes no functionality to track client-side interactions, operations of users with the web page were tracked inside Unity. In particular, tracking of cell selection was implemented by constructing virtual-cells in the Unity space using oriented bounding boxes, and spatially position them in their corresponding places to fit the spreadsheet texture. Tracking of the pen and the Unity collision detection mechanism is used to detect whether the pen tip lies inside a certain cell.

Gesslein et al. (2020)

Introducing Zapier’s new Gmail add-on

Image: Zapier

Image: Zapier

This add-on makes it easy to move high-value emails into your other apps with just a click, without ever leaving Gmail.

You can use the add-on to create customized one-click workflows that give you seamless productivity—by moving important messages out of a private inbox and into a shared tool like Slack, for example, or by routing emails to apps like Asana to streamline your project management.

Following on from our recent repost of Zapier’s Google Sheets app of the day, Zapier are continuing their love of Google Apps Script with a new Gmail Add-on. The source code for this add-on is proprietary but again useful to see firms investing in G Suite solutions for the marketplace.

Source: Introducing Zapier’s new Gmail add-on – Updates | Zapier

QUnit2GS is a Google Apps Script Library that allows Apps Script projects to be tested using QUnit

QUnit2GS is a Google Apps Script Library that allows Apps Script projects to be tested using the QUnit JavaScript testing framework – Just add this library to your project and start writing tests in just a few minutes.

Created by Andrew Roberts and Alejo Grigera Sutro this library will make it easier to adopt test-driven development with your Google Apps Script projects. The site is worth an explore to see what is possible…

Source: Home | QUnitGS2

Google Sheets: Zapier app of the day

Need your spreadsheet to do a specialized task, such as detecting and deleting duplicate rows automatically? You can build and publish custom add-ons with the Google Apps Script to take your spreadsheets to the next level. Don’t know code? Browse the Google Sheets add-on store to see what features others have built.

Always nice to see other organisations highlight Google Apps Script.

Source: Google Sheets: Zapier app of the day

Google Apps Script – Stack Overflow growth trends and predictions 

Stack Overflow in 2023: Predicting with ARIMA and BigQuery – Can you predict the top Stack Overflow tags of 2023? BigQuery makes this easy, with its new support for training time-series analysis models with ARIMA.

Felipe Hoffa has prepared an interesting post looking at current Stack Overflow tag usage and future trends. You can read more details about the trends for the big hitters like Python and JavaScript in the source blogpost. Felipe’s post also gives you the opportunity for a little ‘exploratory analyses’ as he has also provided a link for you to play with an interactive dashboard on Data Studio.

Felipe mentioned in a tweet that  the prediction was Google Apps Script was to continue to grow:

Given this I decided to have a look at the google-apps-script tag and a couple around it in the Data Studio dashboard and came up with this:

Stack Overflow tag trends: Historic + predictions

Stack Overflow tag trends: Historic + predictions
By @felipehoffa
Read more:

So Google Apps Script, continuing to grow, currently more viewed than Google Cloud Platform and on a par with FFmpeg ;)

Source: Stack Overflow in 2023: Predicting with ARIMA and BigQuery

All about Apps Script – Presented at 24hrs of Google Cloud Talks by DevRel

It’s serverless, it’s integrated, it’s JavaScript. Google Apps Script is a powerful enterprise ready productivity and rapid application development platform that makes it fast and easy to create business applications that integrate with G Suite. In this session you will provide an introduction to the Google Apps Script platform and highlight some example solutions that you can start using today.

Talk presented at 24hrs of Google Cloud Talks by DevRel on 23 June 2020 by Martin Hawksey

Slides –

Taking Advantage of Google Apps Script (Tanaike’s list)

Kanshi Tanaike is a prolific Google Apps Script developer and we’ve often featured solutions are reports that Tanaike has shared. With this in mind Tanaike’s list of Google Apps Script resources is well worth a browse.

Source: tanaikech/taking-advantage-of-google-apps-script

Theatre by email: This unique virtual project lets you ‘teach’ an AI how to feel | CBC Arts

As part of the Rex Project, the audience is emailed collages like this one. It illustrates the details from the AI's "simulation reports." (The Rex Project)
As part of the Rex Project, the audience is emailed collages like this one. It illustrates the details from the AI’s “simulation reports.” (The Rex Project)

It’s a one-man operation, so it’s just me. I’ve been playing around in Google, and they have a really cool service called Google Apps Script, and basically it’s a little programming language that lets me automate their services. So I’ve been writing a code that triggers the emails.

There’s not much detail as to how Apps Script was used in this art installation but it’s always nice to see script and art combine. The project is described as:

In a futuristic world, where the integration of human memories and computer cores has created artificially intelligent androids, companies are mass-recruiting employees to fast-track production. You, the listener, are hired to be an integral part of the quality-control in the emotional development sector. The Rex Project (workshop presentation) is an immersive, virtual, bite-size theatrical experiment that takes place in real time (over 11 days), and is presented entirely through audio-recordings and online platforms.

Rex Project

Source: Theatre by email: This unique virtual project lets you ‘teach’ an AI how to feel | CBC Arts

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