EncodeApp by tanaike (The Thinker)

EncodeApp is a GAS library for retrieving the encoding set (charset) and doing URL encode with the specific encoding set using Google Apps Script (GAS). – tanaikech/EncodeApp

Library’s project key: 1DsJdRQ9D6nXgbxVVvOroM3EYJOcB197Isvt2Sl4sziW3m9IqqeB9YoWy

Source: tanaikech/EncodeApp

Google Apps Script growth analysis based on Stackoverflow analysis

Source: Kanshi Tanaike

An interesting analysis prepared by Kanshi Tanaike of the ‘google-apps-script’ tag usage on Stackoverflow which shows that since 2016 there has been an increase in questions related to the tag with a bigger increase in 2019. Clicking through to the source post you’ll also see the data shows that new users asking questions about Google Apps Script is growing quicker than those who are answering them.

Source: Trend of google-apps-script Tag on Stackoverflow 2020

Figma to Google Slides using Google Apps Script

Image credit: Figma

In this sample script, all pages in the Figma file are retrieved and the retrieved pages are put to new Google Slides as the image.

This post is useful for not only showing how to insert images into Google Slides, but also for featuring Figma which might be a useful tool for G Suite Add-on developers looking for an easy way to prototype/design application interfaces.

Source: Figma to Google Slides using Google Apps Script · tanaike

Extracting website HTML tables using Google Apps Script

This is a sample script for parsing HTML using Google Apps Script. When HTML data is converted to Google Document, the HTML data can be parsed and be converted to Google Document. In this case, the paragraphs, lists and tables are included. From this situation, I thought that this situation can be used for parsing HTML using Google Apps Script. So I could came up with this method.

For those frustrated by the limitations of the Google Sheets =IMPORTHTML() function this might be a useful Google Apps Script alternative solution. As part of this the script fetches any publicly accessibly webpage and turns any tables into a 2D array.

Source: Parsing HTML using Google Apps Script · tanaike

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