Things one can get used to for the V8 Google Apps Scripts engine

A bit of a monologue about various syntax changes and adjustments in learning and using the tool.

Great post from Adam Morris (@clssrmtechtools) aimed at Google Apps Script developers wanting to start coding with the more modern JavaScript syntax used in V8. Adam shares lots of great advice to get started and build upon.

Source: Things one can get used to for the V8 Google Apps Scripts engine

Benchmark: Loop for Array Processing using Google Apps Script with V8

Benchmark: Loop for Array Processing using Google Apps Script with V8 –

Kanshi Tanaike has published some useful benchmarks looking at the process time for various loop methods comparing the old Google Apps Script runtime with V8. Something to keep in mind that while there are performance improvements there is a cost as calls to G Suite services:

Source: Benchmark: Loop for Array Processing using Google Apps Script with V8

TeslaGAS is a Google Apps Script library that helps writing scripts for your Tesla car

Photo by Afif Kusuma on Unsplash

Photo by Afif Kusuma on Unsplash

TeslaGAS is a library that helps writing scripts that communicate with your Tesla – Zzapps/teslagas

Riël Notermans from Zzapps has published the beginnings of a nice little Google Apps Script library that you can use to communicate with your Tesla car.

Source: Zzapps/teslagas

Google Apps Script snippet for Google Sheets to view json strings in a modal dialog

View json strings in a modal dialog

View json strings in a modal dialog. Activate the cell that contains a JSON string Click menu item A foldable JSON will be shown in the modal dialog

Handy little Google Apps Script snippet from Riël Notermans (Zzapps) that makes it easier to view any JSON you are storing in a Google Sheets cell.

Source: Zzapps/google_sheets_json_viewer

List of over 130 shared Google Apps Script libraries developed by Bruce Mcpherson

Regular Google Apps Script Community contributor Bruce Mcpherson has published a list of all the Google Apps Script libraries he’s developed since 2012. The list includes links to the source repositories and if you spot a library you like the sound of you can search for more information on Bruce’s Desktop Liberation site .

Source: List of shared Apps Script libraries · Issue #31 · brucemcpherson/desktopliberation

Make your own Google Hangouts Chat RSS bot

A simple Google Apps Script bot that fetches news from an RSS feed and posts them to a Hangouts Chat room. – thmslprt/hangouts-chat-rss-bot

This one comes via @dersteppen and is a nice little code project to show how you can send messages into Google Hangouts Chat using Google Apps Script. If you are looking for a more secure way of posting into Hangouts Chat the official docs include information on Async messages.

Source: thmslprt/hangouts-chat-rss-bot

Write Apps Script Offline with clasp

🗺️ Develop Locally: clasp allows you to develop your Apps Script projects locally. That means you can check-in your code into source control, collaborate with other developers, and use your favorite tools to develop Apps Script.

Source: google/clasp

The Apps Script IDE is great, but with larger projects, I know I’ve wanted to be able to use a more powerful IDE. clasp (Command Line Apps Script Projects) is a CLI that allows you to start, write, test, and deploy Apps Script projects from any text editor you want.

Resumable Upload For Google Drive with Google Apps Script Example

This is a Javascript library to achieve the resumable upload for Google Drive. When a file more than 5 MB is uploaded to Google Drive with Drive API, the resumable upload is required to be used.  tanaikech/ResumableUploadForGoogleDrive_js

Kanshi TANAIKE has some amazing GitHub contributions and this is another one. Whilst this is designed as a Javascript library you can use in any project Kanshi provides and an example of how this could be used in a Google Apps Script add-on.

Source: tanaikech/ResumableUploadForGoogleDrive_js

BkperApp – An example 3rd party client library for Google Apps Script 

Google Apps Script library for Bkper.

Bkper “provide a simple way to work with Finances and Accounting on Google Cloud”. The BkperApp is a Google Apps Script library they have published so that other developers have an easy way to interact with the Bkper API. There are a couple of reasons for highlighting BkperApp. First it’s great to see a company invest in developing and publishing a Google Apps Script library for their product. The BkperApp code is worth looking at because the code has been developed in clasp using TypeScript. Finally the code is open source (Apache License 2.0) so if you are thinking of developing a library for your own product BkperApp might provide a useful starting point in terms of how you structure your project.

Source: bkper/bkper-app

The Google Apps Script Awesome List – Alexander Ivanov

The usual list of links to interesting resources for Google Apps Script – contributorpw/google-apps-script-awesome-list

Alexander Ivanov has been curating this amzing list of Google Apps Script related resources for a number of years. The list includes links to a number of useful resources, cool Apps Script code projects, libraries and more.  If you have a suggestion for the ‘awesome list’ you can open an issue ticket.

Source: contributorpw/google-apps-script-awesome-list

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