Creating your on preview ink Smart Chips in Google Docs: The Untold Potential of Apps Script


Alright, folks, we’re talking about something quite hot off the press in the realm of Google Apps Script — “Smart Chips.” This feature is available within Google Docs and can build previews of pasted links using the Card Service. Think of it as a little preview window of what lies beyond the link — a sneak peek, if you will. 🕵️‍♂️

Editor: Smart chips are a recent feature in Google Workspace that help you quickly insert information into your Docs and Sheets. They can be used to insert people, places, dates, and more. It’s also possible for Google Workspace developers to publish their on ‘Preview links’ smart chips as Workspace Add-ons. In this post from Dmitry Kostyuk you can learn about publishing your own smart chips and some creative ways to get the data you need using Google Apps Script.

Source: Previewing Links with Smart Chips: The Untold Potential of Apps Script

Master Google Apps Script UIs — Part 5: Unit Testing Your Front-End With Jest 🚀

Introduction 📝

Well, well, well! Look who’s back for another session of “Weaving Magic with Code”! 😄 Today, we’re diving head-first into the magical world of unit testing. You might be wondering: “Why the fuss about unit testing?” 🤔

Unit testing, my friends, is the silent hero of software development. Picture it as a mini-pit stop where your code gets a once-over before it hits the road. The automated tests ensure that our code does exactly what we expect it to. The benefits?

  • Makes us ponder deeply about our app’s architecture, like a philosopher musing about the meaning of life 🧐
  • Forces us to clarify our expectations from functions and classes.
  • Ensures that as we revamp and update our code, we aren’t unknowingly playing host to bugs, much like a surprise party you didn’t want 🐛

Source: Master Google Apps Script UIs — Part 5: Unit Testing Your Front-End With Jest 🚀