Add the User’s Signature Block to an Automated Gmail Email with Apps Script – Yagisanatode


Sending out emails as a part of a Google Workspace automated workflow is a very common task. In Google Apps Script we can send emails to users using the MailApp.sendEmail(), the GmailApp.sendEmail() method or even as a JSON payload with the Gmail Advanced API service.

While one might expect that the sender’s signature block would also be transmitted with the automated email, we find that this is not in fact the case.

Scott Donald highlights some of the pitfalls of trying to access the Gmail signatures using Google Apps Script. Fortunately Scott also shares a workaround for using a Gmail draft to store a number of signatures/snippets. This is all wrapped in a handy getSignatureBlock() function, created and shared by Scott to get either the user’s primary signature block or one stored in a draft.

Source: Add the User’s Signature Block to an Automated Gmail Email with Apps Script – Yagisanatode

How to sort tabs in Google Sheets with Google Apps Script


Learn how to sort Google Sheet tabs in ascending and descending order with Google Apps Script Magic. Code and video inside!

Latest from Scott Donald, this time Scott is looking at Google Sheets tab sorting with Google Apps Script. Hepefully something for everyone in this post and for me it was learning about JavaScript’s Intl.Collator(), which allows language sensitive string comparisons.

Source: How to Sort Tabs in Google Sheets with Google Apps Script – Yagisanatode

Get the Creator’s email of a Shared Drive with Google Apps Script


Learn how the access the creator’s email of a Google Shared Drive with Google Apps Script using the Drive Activity API & Admin Directory SDK.

Scott Donald has found a clever way to get the Shared Drive creator using Apps Script and the Google Drive Activity API. Whilst there is a Google Drive ‘Drives’ endpoint the response doesn’t include the creator in the Drives Response object. This post is a nice example of how you can combine data from different Google Workspace APIs. Follow the source link for a detailed explanation.

Source: Get the Creator’s Email of a Shared Drive with Google Apps Script – Yagisanatode

Find all matching values in Google Sheets cells with Google Apps Script

Learn how to search and find all values in an entire Google Sheet spreadsheet, in a specific sheet tab or in a range with Apps Script.

Handy little snippet from Scott Donald on using the Google Apps Script TextFinder class to find all the occurrences of matching text in a Google Sheet. The bit I particularly liked in this solution was how Scott used a .map method to return an object array of cell hits including A1 notation:

Array containing an object for each sheet containing the sheet name and the cell location (Image credit: Scott Donald)

Follow the source link for more information including a video tutorial.

Source: Find All Values in Google Sheets with Apps Script – Yagisanatode

Get hidden or visible Google Sheet tabs with Google Apps Script

Learn how to list hidden Google Sheets tabs with Google Apps Script – CODE and VIDEO tutorial with script explainers.

This post from Scott Donald is an opportunity to learn about how you can work with hidden tabs in Google Sheets with Apps Script. For beginners this post is also an opportunity to learn about the JavaScript reduce method as a way to iterate through data. As well as the code and supporting video the author Scott Donald has some related projects where you can see this solution in action.

Source: Get Hidden or Visible Google Sheet Tabs with Google Apps Script – Yagisanatode

Develop a Google Chat App Currency Converter with Google Apps Script – Yagisanatode

Have you ever wanted to convert currencies instantly while in Google Chat with colleagues and clients? In this tutorial, we are going to build a Currency Converter Google Chat App with Google Apps Script to do just that.

This tutorial is a multi-media series containing step-by-step video instructions for each stage of the process along with code snippets for each stage, important links and some further details on the more unusual parts of the code.

This is a great video series wrapped in a blog post, which highlights a Google Chat app development process. The particular project presented by Scott Donald is a currency converter but there are many repeatable aspects that would work in a wide range of Google Chat applications. The project is coded in Google Apps Script and the post includes plenty of snippets to help you understand various aspects of Google Chat app development including slash commands and information cards.

Source: Develop a Google Chat App Currency Converter with Google Apps Script – Yagisanatode

The 5th-year Anniversary of Yagisanatode! A [Google Apps Script Developer Expert] Origin Story

Learn the origin story of a solopreneur, Scott and how he built Yagisanatode over the past 5 years. …

“We had just started the second semester of a university course that I was instructing on and my operations director pulled me out of my first class for the semester within an hour and asked me to teach the advanced course. I lasted a day…”

Continuing on from yesterday’s theme of ‘code zero’ to ‘code hero’ here is another origin story this time from Scott Donald. The EDU sector is a rich vein when it comes to producing ‘noisy’ Google Apps Script developers. There are probably a number of reasons why this sector produces so many of the most impactful community contributors. Education, particularly assessment, is so admin intensive it’s maybe not that surprising that stories similar to Scott’s are quite common, but perhaps the biggest factor is educators like to educate!

Source: The 5th-year Anniversary of Yagisanatode! An Origin Story. – Yagisanatode

Google Chat Apps for Google Apps Script Developers

In this article, we will look at Google Chat Apps and go over some of the basics of developing a chat app with Google Apps Script.

Scott Donald provides a comprehensive overview of everything you need to know to get started with Google Chat app development with Google Apps Script.

One of the nice things about Google Chat app development is there are a number of different implementation architectures you can use, including Google Apps Script. Regardless of the architecture you choose there are some common steps such as GCP setup, receiving/responding to messages and using dialogues and card interfaces all covered in Scott’s post. Click through to find out more…

Source: Google Chat Apps for Google Apps Script Developers – Yagisanatode

Duplicate Filter Views in selected Google Sheet tabs with Google Apps Script

While there is not way to directly duplicate Filter Views into other sheet tabs in Google Sheets we can do this with a little bit of Google Apps Script magic.

In this tutorial, we will walk through how to duplicate all filter views from a source Google Sheets tab and duplicate them into selected sheets tab.

We’ll start off with an example sheet to better understand what we are going to achieve and then share the code along with a quick-use guide for those of you who want to to just get in and use the script in your own project.

This tutorial from Scott Donald is a great opportunity to learn more about manipulating Filtered Views in Google Sheets and as a bonus you may pick up some tips on how to use the Sheets Advanced Service.

Source: Duplicate Filter Views in Selected Google Sheet Tabs with Google Apps Script – Yagisanatode

GWAOw! 4 – Forms History a Google Forms Add-on by Martin Hawksey

Forms History is a Google Workspace Add-on that allows you to monitor your version history and store copies in Google Forms

Not just talking the talk, but also walking the walk. Shortly before taking a new role at CTS, the largest dedicated Google Cloud Partner in Europe, I published Forms History an add-on to enable revision history functionality in Google Forms.

Fellow Google Developers Expert, Scott Donald, has picked this up in the latest episode of GWAOw! his dedicated to Google Workspace Add-on review show. You can follow the source link for the YouTube clip and more. As part of the episode Scott rightly highlights the creative work of Alice Keeler, which hasn’t just included artwork but Alice has also provided a huge amount of support in promo and usability.

If you are interested in the inner workings of Forms History there is a related post on Working with the Google Drive API Revisions history: Tips for handling revision merges with Google Apps Script.

Source: GWAOw! 4 – Forms History by Martin Hawksey – Yagisanatode