Totally Unscripted: Google Workspace Development: Now with a Side of Smart Chips! 07 February 2024, 2024 at 1200 PT / 1500 ET / 2000 GMT

Totally Unscripted is back on 07 February 2024, 2024 at 1200 PT / 1500 ET / 2000 GMT. There have been a number of saucy updates and announcements around Smart Chips and other integrations to Google Docs, as well as Sheets and Slides.

In this episode we review how you can start to create Google Workspace Add-ons for Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides users which let you preview links from your third-party services. In addition we will be dipping into how you can let users of Google Docs add third-party resources from the @ menu.

For this episode we will be joined by some of the Google team behind Smart Chips with guests Allison Hodsdon (Technical Writer at Google) and Pierrick Voulet (Developer Relations Engineer (Google Workspace) at Google.

As always the show is broadcast live and you can ask questions via the YouTube chat, but also interested to hear in advance any of your burning questions for our panel using the comments section below.

Show Live/Recording link –

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