More Google Workspace Developer Summits in Singapore, Bangalore, Amsterdam and Zürich

Whether you are a seasoned Workspace developer, just getting started, or somewhere in between, the Google Workspace Developer Summit is a great opportunity to learn more about how you build creative and unique solutions for your business or even the world.

The Google Workspace Developer Relations team are back on the road with in-person summits scheduled for Singapore, Bangalore, Amsterdam and Zürich. These events are a great opportunity find out what is new in the Google Workspace developer ecosystem as well as meeting other people interested integrating and extending Google Workspace products.

Given the nature of Google Workspace, don’t feel you have to be a pro-coder to classify yourself as a ‘Workspace Developer’. Products and features like AppSheet and the Duet AI increasingly blur the lines creating opportunities for a growing audience for Google Workspace centred workflows and solutions.

The full day events are free to attend and you can register to join at the following dates/locations:

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