Google Classroom add-ons now generally available to Google Workspace developers

In 2022, we made it easy to seamlessly access popular Education Technology tools directly in Google Classroom. We partnered with 20+ EdTech companies, including Kahoot!, Pear Deck, IXL, ReadWorks, and Nearpod, to build Google Classroom add-ons. These new integrations let educators and students easily find, use, and grade great content in their favorite EdTech tools without having to navigate to external websites and apps.

Today, we’re excited to make Classroom add-ons generally available to all developers.

Given the number of Apps Script users in EDU today’s announcement the Google Classroom add-ons now generally available for anyone to publish is probably welcome news. Whilst Google Classroom add-ons have been around for a couple of years they have historically only been created by a select few of Google partners.

Before jumping in something key to keep in mind is that while Apps Script offers a low-entry approach for most Workspace add-ons, Classroom add-ons require more technical expertise. They involve building a web application and integrating it with Classroom’s functionalities using the Google Workspace Marketplace SDK. Proficiency in web development languages like Python, Java, or Node.js is recommended and Google have published some example implementations for Python, Java and Node.js.

Whilst there are differences there are overlaps. For example like Workspace and Editor Add-ons you will need to create a Google Cloud project to publish to the Google Workspace Marketplace. As part of this you’ll have to also provide key information such as terms and conditions as well as going through the OAuth verification process.

The Google Developer documentation and other resources are linked from the source announcement.

Source: Google Classroom add-ons now generally available to Google Workspace developers

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