ObjectStore: Apps Script library for in-memory storage and retrieval 

AppsScripters need a quick and easy way to keep objects hanging around, and to persist them across executions. There are services available but using them effectively is a well-worn problem. Why not solve it once-and-for-all?

Adam Morris, GDE Expert and Workspace dev, brings another library to the table to help developers work more efficiently with data in memory. This library handles in-memory storage as well as writing to the Cache and Properties services for persistent storage in Apps Script projects.

Source: ObjectStore for Apps Script

2 comments for “ObjectStore: Apps Script library for in-memory storage and retrieval 

  1. Alan Wells
    22 January, 2021 at 15:2325

    My questions are: What permissions does the library need? Is the code open sourced somewhere?

  2. Brian Bennett
    22 January, 2021 at 15:5325

    Good questions. It only relies on PropertiesService and CacheService, so those will be authenticated when the user accesses the script. And yes, you can look at the source here:

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