A library SDK for APIs in Google Apps Scripts … think of it as the Advanced Services with batch Superpowers

More technically, this library can be used to send http requests via UrlFetchApp.fetch or UrlFetchApp.fetchAll, interacting with api endpoints in raw form. By bringing it down to a lowest layer on this platform, you get the following benefits:

  • All of the options, features, and abilities that are available. No compromises.
  • Ability to batch the requests in bulk. Performance can be significantly improved and run times lowered.

If you’re looking for a way to duck under the 6 minute limit to your scripts, the last bullet point should be particularly interesting.

This library comes from Adam Morris and is well worth exploring the source link to discover more about this solution. If you are particularly interested in how to use this library with Google Services it’s worth checking out the section on Notes on createGoogEndpoint and if you are interested here is a Google Sheet of current Google Endpoint names and versions (created with Spencer Easton’s Google APIs Library script)

ObjectStore: Apps Script library for in-memory storage and retrieval 

AppsScripters need a quick and easy way to keep objects hanging around, and to persist them across executions. There are services available but using them effectively is a well-worn problem. Why not solve it once-and-for-all?

Adam Morris, GDE Expert and Workspace dev, brings another library to the table to help developers work more efficiently with data in memory. This library handles in-memory storage as well as writing to the Cache and Properties services for persistent storage in Apps Script projects.

Source: ObjectStore for Apps Script

Proof of concept of how to get namespaces (sorta) in Google Apps Scripts libraries

Proof of concept of how to get namespaces (sorta) in Google Apps Scripts libraries – classroomtechtools/NamespacedLib

For the seasoned Google Apps Script library author a continual frustration is the inability to get the online Script Editor to autocomplete if you have sub methods within your namespace. Adam Morris has discovered that the @name attribute can be used to fake this behavior … to a degree.

Source: classroomtechtools/NamespacedLib

Things one can get used to for the V8 Google Apps Scripts engine

A bit of a monologue about various syntax changes and adjustments in learning and using the tool.

Great post from Adam Morris (@clssrmtechtools) aimed at Google Apps Script developers wanting to start coding with the more modern JavaScript syntax used in V8. Adam shares lots of great advice to get started and build upon.

Source: Things one can get used to for the V8 Google Apps Scripts engine

Logger Drop-in Replacement for V8 Runtime

Why not make it a proper library? Because to make it a drop-in replacement, needs to have access to global scope, which a library doesn’t.

The V8 runtime changes how the Logger class works, which has shown much slower load times for simple Logging statements. This snippet writes all Logger.log calls to a spreadsheet when invoked, greatly speeding up development time.

Source: classroomtechtools/modularLibrariesV8