Sharing cache data between Google Apps Script projects with bmCacheSharer

Shared cached data between multiple scripts with this enhanced Apps Script Cacheservice library

Bruce Mcpherson has shared a new Apps Script library, bmCacheSharer, which enables sharing of cache data between multiple Google Workspace projects. The library was originally created to solve the problem of sharing configuration data stored in a Google Sheet with multiple script projects.

The library includes a number of nice features to overcome some of the limitations of the Apps Script CacheService, such as the 100k maximum item size and the 6-hour expiration limit by incorporating features like compression, key digestion, and automatic refresh.

It also provides options for sharing cached values by using community keys. The library is designed to be flexible, allowing users to either use its built-in cache service or provide their own. Additionally, it offers a memory cache for faster access within the same script instance. The document includes code examples and explanations to illustrate the library’s usage and benefits.

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Source: Google Apps Script CacheSharer library

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