Deliver asynchronous notifications in Google Chat using webhooks (Webhooks + Apps Script = Magic)

For community members receiving these timely updates, this “bot” may seem magical. In reality, it’s neither magic nor a traditional Chat bot, so the reference in the Chat UI calling it a “bot” is a bit of a misnomer. The Google Updates “bot” is in fact a simple Google Apps Script application that parses the RSS feed about new posts, and sends them asynchronously to the room via webhooks.

We’ve highlighted the ‘Wexbot’ before both in a Pulse post and in a Totally Unscripted episode, but nice to see it also feature in the official Google Developers blog.

Source: Deliver asynchronous notifications in Google Chat using webhooks

Google I/O AMA: Integrate Google Workspace with your solutions – 20 May 2021 at 2000UTC

Join this Ask Me Anything Session to get answers from the Google Workspace Development Platform and Google Workspace Developer Relations teams about how to integrate with your own solutions.

As part of Google I/O several of the Google team are hosting a Google Workspace developers ‘ask me anything’ session. The session panel includes Matt Izatt (Google Workspace Product Manager), Olaf Hubel (Google Workspace DevRel Manage), Charles Maxson (Google Developer Advocate and Totally Unscripted co-host) and Steven Bazyl Google Workspace Developer Relations Engineer. Follow the link to sign-up and follow the session.

Source: Google I/O 2021

Google Developers Blog: Evolving Google Workspace Add-ons with Alternate Runtimes

Today we are pleased to announce that building Google Workspace Add-ons has evolved once again, this time to offer developers an alternative to using Apps Script for building add-ons with the general availability of Alternate Runtimes for Google Workspace Add-ons.

While Alternate Runtimes enables the same functionality that Apps Script does for building add-ons, the flexibility and the freedom to choose your dev environment plus the opportunity to decouple from Apps Script will likely yield greater developer productivity and performance gains for future projects. This commonly requested feature by Google Workspace solution developers has finally become a reality.

As part of this post there is an example from Riël Notermans, owner of Zzapps (and Google Developer Expert), highlighting some key takeaways on Alternate Runtimes development and deployment.

Source: Evolving Google Workspace Add-ons with Alternate Runtimes

Meet the Google Workspace Developer Experts – making connections with the community

Meet the Google Workspace Developer Experts, a global network of experienced technology experts, thought leaders, and influencers who actively support developer communities around the world.

If you are starting out on a new product, environment or beginning to learn to code finding people to connect with within an existing community can often be a challenge. Thanks to the efforts of Charles Maxson hopefully those connections are made a bit easier.

Source: Meet the Google Workspace Developer Experts

Get ready to up your Apps Script! – Google Developers Blog

The new Apps Script IDE features the same rich integration with Google Workspace as it did before, allowing you to get started building solutions without having to install or configure anything. If you are working on a standalone script project application, you can use the Apps Script Dashboard to launch your project directly, or if you are working on a container bound project in Sheets, Slides or Docs, you can do so from selecting Tools > Script editor from their top menus.

Charles Maxson, Developer Advocate Google Cloud, has highlighted some features Google Apps Script developers new and old should keep an eye out for. I think one of the big ones for experienced Apps Script developers who work mostly in the online editor is going to be the context menu options and the Command Palette. Find out more in the source post.

Source: Get ready to up your Apps Script! – Google Developers Blog

Google Developers Blog: Building solutions using the G Suite developer platform

Millions of users know G Suite as a collection of communication and productivity apps that enables teams to easily create, communicate, collaborate, and discover content to supercharge teamwork. Beneath the surface of this well-serving collection of apps is also an extensible platform that enables developers to build targeted custom experiences and integrations utilizing these apps, allowing G Suite’s vast user base to get even more value out of the platform. At first glance, it may not be natural to think of the tools you use for day-to-day productivity and collaboration as a developer platform. But consider what makes up a developer platform; Languages, APIs, runtimes, frameworks, IDEs, ecosystem, etc; G Suite offers developers all of these things and more. Let’s take a closer look at what makes up the G Suite developer platform and how you can use it.

Nice overview of the G Suite developer platform from Charles Maxson. I always find it useful to see how others pitch the platform and from this piece useful to see how Apps Script is put in context with other G Suite development options.

Source: Google Developers Blog: Building solutions using the G Suite developer platform

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