Accelerate Google Workspace Add-on and chat bot development with the Card Builder tool | Demo

Take a quick tour through the new Card Builder tool for Google Workspace Add-ons and see how it helps you quickly design and generate code for card-based interfaces.

We’ve mentioned the Card Builder tool in a couple of episodes of Totally Unscripted but if you’ve got come across it yet Steve Bazyl provides a quick overview. This tool can be used to help developing Workspace Add-ons that use the Card Service ( and also Google Chat bots (

Google I/O AMA: Integrate Google Workspace with your solutions – 20 May 2021 at 2000UTC 

Join this Ask Me Anything Session to get answers from the Google Workspace Development Platform and Google Workspace Developer Relations teams about how to integrate with your own solutions.

As part of Google I/O several of the Google team are hosting a Google Workspace developers ‘ask me anything’ session. The session panel includes Matt Izatt (Google Workspace Product Manager), Olaf Hubel (Google Workspace DevRel Manage), Charles Maxson (Google Developer Advocate and Totally Unscripted co-host) and Steven Bazyl Google Workspace Developer Relations Engineer. Follow the link to sign-up and follow the session.

Source: Google I/O 2021