Google Developers Blog: Evolving Google Workspace Add-ons with Alternate Runtimes

Today we are pleased to announce that building Google Workspace Add-ons has evolved once again, this time to offer developers an alternative to using Apps Script for building add-ons with the general availability of Alternate Runtimes for Google Workspace Add-ons.

While Alternate Runtimes enables the same functionality that Apps Script does for building add-ons, the flexibility and the freedom to choose your dev environment plus the opportunity to decouple from Apps Script will likely yield greater developer productivity and performance gains for future projects. This commonly requested feature by Google Workspace solution developers has finally become a reality.

As part of this post there is an example from Riël Notermans, owner of Zzapps (and Google Developer Expert), highlighting some key takeaways on Alternate Runtimes development and deployment.

Source: Evolving Google Workspace Add-ons with Alternate Runtimes

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