Visually code Google Apps Script with Teacher Blocks

This is a quick discussion of how teacher can respond to student work using block based coding.

This is a very interesting prototype which makes it easier for users to visually develop Google Apps Script code. Developed by Stephen Callahan as part of a Google Innovator Project, TeacherBlocks lets to drag and drop blocks to design your code and automatically create the required script to copy/paste into your Google Doc. Watch the video to see it in action or visit the source link to try it yourself.

Source: Teacher Blocks

Google Area 120 Tables Beta joins Google Cloud opening up access for all!

Image: Google Area 120

Last September, Tables launched in Area 120, Google’s internal incubator for experimental projects, with the goal of proving market demand for a solution to help teams organize and track work, and it was a success! Google Cloud has committed to investing in this product area long-term. Moving forward, the beta version of Tables will still be available until we release a fully-supported Google Cloud product – which we expect to complete in the next year.

If you are not familiar with the Tables Beta it is a collaborative data platform designed to make it easier for no/low coders to create workflows and automations. If you would like to see the Tables beta in action Co-founder & Product Lead, Carlin Yuen, joined us on Totally Unscripted in New workflow solutions with Tables and Google Apps Script.The Tables beta has so far been limited to users in the US. The source link provides more details about timelines and how non-US users can join the beta. [HT Ivan Kutil]

Source: Tables Beta Update & FAQ

Get Email Alerts When COVID-19 Vaccines Become Available Near You [in India] – Digital Inspiration

Monitor the availability of Covid-19 Vaccines in your city and get email alerts when vaccine doses are available for people above 18 years of age.

It is very concerning to see the current situation in India in relation to the COVID-19 epidemic. Amit Agarwal has shared a solution using Google Apps Script which will let you receive an email notification of current vaccination slots in your city or zip area.

Source: Get Email Alerts When COVID-19 Vaccines Become Available Near You – Digital Inspiration

Integrating AppSheet with Google Workspace – #BuildingWithAppSheet

Did you know that AppSheet can integrate with Google Workspace? In this video, we speak to how AppSheet – Google Cloud’s no-code application platform – helps citizen developers streamline their workflows, and demo how you can create your own app in Google Sheets. Watch to explore the possibilities of AppSheet!

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