Calculating moving averages in Google Sheets with Google Apps Script (and tips on writing custom functions)

Por esa razón me he puesto manos a la obra y he preparado MEDIAMOVIL(), una función personalizada GAS capaz de calcular varios tipos de medias móviles, que puede ser utilizada (como todas las funciones personalizadas) de manera combinada con el resto de funciones integradas que nos ofrecen las hojas de cálculo de Google.

TRANSLATED: For this reason I have gotten to work and have prepared MEDIAMOVIL(), a custom GAS function capable of calculating various types of moving averages, which can be used (like all custom functions) in combination with the rest of the integrated functions. offered by Google spreadsheets.

Great post from Pablo Felip (@pfelipm) on calculating moving averages in Google Sheets. As part of this Pablo has developed and shared the MEDIAMOVIL() custom function he has developed in Google Apps Script. Clicking through to the source code on Github Pablo has also shared lots of advice on developing custom functions for Google Sheets including using the contextual help features available in custom functions as well as handling parameters and throwing appropriate error messages to the user.

Source: Calculando medias móviles con Google Apps Script

DNSQuery and G Suite domain detection in Google Sheets using the Cloudflare name resolution service

Dos funciones personalizadas para hojas de cálculo de Google desarrolladas en Apps Script que proporcionan un envoltorio para la función NSLookup, tal y como aparece en la documentación del servicio de resolución de nombres de CloudFlare. Consulta el registro indicado en el o los dominios que se pasan como parámetro utilizando el servicio de resolución de nombres de CloudFlare. Determina si un email o dominio (o lista de emails o dominios) está gestionado por Google o no. – pfelipm/dnsquery

Pablo Felip Monferrer has shared two custom functions for Google Sheets that provide an extension to the NSLookup function originally shared by Cloudflare. The first is a wrapper that makes it easy to list specific DNS record types for a single or list of domains. The second function uses the domains MX record to automatically detect if a domain has G Suite Gmail settings applied.

Source: pfelipm/dnsquery

AutoSlides | A multi-functional tool that refreshes Google Slides automatically without reloading

AutoSlides is a Google presentation template powered by Apps Script code design to be used in unattended information points, although it can also be used as an informational element, linked or embedded, on any website.

Google presentations have a publishing feature that facilitates their dissemination. In this way they can be linked or embedded in web media with ease. However, if the presentation slides are modified it is necessary to reload the page that contains its versions published in the browser so that these changes are manifested. AutoSlides is capable of generating a self-hosted slide show, visible using a browser, that automatically refreshes at predetermined intervals without reloading the web page manually in the browser.

Source: pfelipm/autoslides

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