Google App Script Properties and Cache Services

Properties and Cache

Video showing the Properties and Cache Services available for Google Apps Script

  • The Properties and Cache Services are designed to hold data for use beyond a single run of a script.
  • The Legacy IDE had an option to see view and directly interact with the Script Properties. This is not available in the new IDE but the service still exists and can be interacted with via code.
  • The primary difference between the PropertiesService and CacheService is that key-value pairs in the Cache are automatically deleted after 25 minutes, while data in the PropertiesService persist until deleted via code (or manually from the Legacy IDE)

Interesting to see a growing number of video tutorials being produced by the App Script community. The latest we’ve come across comes from  Spencer Farris who in this post provides an overview of the Properties and Cache service. Click through to the source post to watch the video and access additional resources.

Source: Google App Script Properties and Cache Services

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  1. Luis Peralta
    12 January, 2024 at 13:1925

    Performance of these APIs is something that developers should be aware of, especially as one could assume that the CacheService is fast, when it is not really the case. I did a short analysis of these services performance:
    Feedback welcome.

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