JSONata – JSON query and transformation language in Google Apps Script

One of the benefits of Google moving Apps Script to the V8 engine is the possibility to drop in existing JavaScript libraries. Max Makhrov recently highlighted on Twitter how JSONata, which can be used to query and transform JSON data can be used in Google Apps Script:

JSONata is a lightweight query and transformation language for JSON data. Inspired by the ‘location path’ semantics of XPath 3.1, it allows sophisticated queries to be expressed in a compact and intuitive notation. A rich complement of built in operators and functions is provided for manipulating and combining extracted data, and the results of queries can be formatted into any JSON output structure using familiar JSON object and array syntax. Coupled with the facility to create user defined functions, advanced expressions can be built to tackle any JSON query and transformation task. – JSONata

JSONata is a solution better understood by trying it out, which you can do thanks to the script project shared by Max on Twitter or on the JSONata website. If you are interested in data query/manipulation solutions for Google Apps Script you might also want to check out our previous post on using AlaSQL for Apps Script.

Update: Max has published JSONata as an Apps Script library 

Multiple Sheets Action. Use Macro Recorder 🔴

Image credit: Max Makhrov

The idea: perform the same action on multiple sheets. The idea is not new, my approach was to use macro each time to see the correct code snippet. It was useful and saved me hours on my current project.

A clever solution from Max Makhrov with some boilerplate script that makes it easy to use a recorded macro across multiple sheets. To make this solution even better I’ve suggested an addition which activates the sheet which makes it easier to reference recorded macro functions. To see in action here is a copy of Max’s Google Sheet with updated code.

Source: Multiple Sheets Action. Use Macro Recorder 🔴

Parse 16K URLs and Put the Result to Google Sheet in 3 Minutes

Photo by Joel Mott on Unsplash

Sometimes my best option is to write code on the go rather than using libraries or searching for ready-to-use code. I’ve made a short script for parsing URLs and putting the result into my Google Sheet.

As a developer it is always interesting to see how other people approach problems. This little snippet from Max Makhrov caught my eye because the approach to parsing data in a Google Sheet wasn’t one I’d seen before. Follow the source link to have a look yourself…

Source: Parse 16K URLs and Put the Result to Google Sheet in 3 Minutes

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