Google Workspace Developer News: Google Meet Web Add-ons SDK, tutorial for genAI Chat app, and more

Welcome to the second edition of the Google Workspace Developer News! Find out what’s new on the Google Workspace Platform.

I like to think I keep a close eye on Google Workspace development, but with so much happening it’s easy to miss what’s new. Here’s a really comprehensive recap put together by Chanel Greco from the Google Workspace DevRel team. As well as covering the recent release notes Chanel spotlights some additional new resources and changes worth finding out about. The episode covers:

  • 0:12 Delete versions in your Apps Script project
  • 0:35 Update to Google Chat API: User’s read state in spaces and threads
  • 1:06 Google Meet Web Add-ons SDK
  • 1:41 Directory API update (changes to ChromeOS management)
  • 2:06 Apps Script + Calendar API solution update
  • 2:20 Google Chat API update
  • 2:45 Extend the Google Workspace UI – overview page
  • 2:59 Google Drive API v3 available for Apps Script
  • 3:23 Update to the Card service
  • 4:11 Tutorial and code sample for building a genAI Chat app

Source: Google Meet Web Add-ons SDK, tutorial for genAI Chat app, and more

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