Google Workspace Developer News: Import data into Google Chat, more events supported for Events API, and more

Welcome to the third edition of the Google Workspace Developer News! Find out what’s new on the Google Workspace Platform.

Another great summary of Google Workspace Developer News put together by Chanel Greco from the Google Workspace DevRel team. The update includes information on:

Google Chat Enhancements

  • Import data from other messaging platforms, including historical memberships.
  • Send private messages in spaces with multiple people.
  • Add interactive buttons to messages.

Google Workspace Events API Updates

  • Subscriptions to Google Chat users now supported.
  • Lifecycle events sent when subscriptions expire.
  • Get() method added to Operations resource.

Google Workspace Add-ons

  • Link previews now supported in Google Sheets and Slides.
  • Third-party resource creation from the @ menu in Google Docs.

Other Updates

  • Drive file and folder storage limits increased to 500 million items per user.
  • Google Drive API v3 now provides information on installed apps.
  • Reports API event payload filtered to specified event name.
  • Chrome phasing out third-party cookies for enhanced privacy.

For a longer discussion and demos for link previews and third-party resources check out Totally Unscripted 5.3: Google Workspace Development: Now with a Side of Smart Chips!

Source: Import data into Google Chat, more events supported for Events API, and more


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