Getting started with Google’s Gen AI (PaLM 2) in Google Apps Script

At the Google I/O ’23, various announcements were made with respect to different AI and ML advancements Google is making as we speak. While listening to the session, I stumbled on PaLM 2. It was really interesting as to what capabilities it has with respect to generative models and machine learning.

This tutorial series will introduce you to PaLM 2, the API, MakerSuite, and Google Apps Script. We will combine these tools to do something interesting with prompts.

Editor: There are a couple of ways you can access Google’s Gen AI language models. Bard is the consumer version but for developers you might want to start exploring API access to one of the underlying foundation language model, PaLM 2, using Google’s MakerSuite. There is a waitlist for MakerSuite, but worth putting your name down if you are interested in an easy way to programmatically start prototyping applications with the PaLM using a basic API key. This video series from Aryan Irani covers everything you need to get started, particularly if you are interested in using PaLM with Google Apps Script.

If you prefer to get started straight away, you can also access the PaLM API in Vertex AI today from a Google Cloud project (more information about this on the MakerSuite site).

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