Process only selected Google Sheets rows in Google Apps Script – The Mergo and Publigo Google Workspace Add-on solution

If you selected 1 or more rows, Publigo lets you generate a personalized document for those rows only or all visible rows in your sheet. Image credit: Romain Vialard

It is super easy in Google Sheets to select only specific rows, even if they are not adjacent. Simply hold down the CTRL / command key while making your selections. And those selections are also available in Google Apps Script via the method getActiveRangeList() … For Google Apps Script developers, here is a quick snippet showing how to process only selected rows.

Following the previous Pulse post on Get all selected Ranges in Google Sheets Romain Vialard got in touch to highlight the approach they have implemented to include this feature in the Mergo and Publigo Google Workspace Add-ons. This source post from Romain includes a snippet of code which might be useful for other Google Apps Script developers.

Source: Process only selected rows in scripts and add-ons

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