Google Workspace Editor Add-on for encrypting/decrypting columns in Google Sheets – Desktop Liberation

In ‘Merging sheets from multiple sources and encrypting selected columns’ I published some code for selectively copying columns from multiple input spreadsheets/sheets to create summary sheets, and optionally encrypting columns. The idea was to distribute the same sheet to multiple people, along with private key(s) to decrypt columns to which they should have access. This seems a pretty handy thing to make into an Editor Add-on. I’m too impatient and life’s too short to bother getting into the Add-on publishing process, so I haven’t officially released this one personally, but here is a fully functional decryption Add-on that any of you are welcome to fiddle with and publish yourself.

Having previously featured some of Bruce Mcphersons previous posts on encrypting/decrypting Google Sheets data it seems fitting to share the post containing the final add-on. Even if you are not interested in the add-on’s functionality this post can still be worth a look to see how Bruce structures an add-on and uses Vue and Vuex to create the UI rendered with HTMLService.

Source: Add-on for decrypting columns in Google Sheets – Desktop Liberation

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