Create a new Sheet tab and format a header row

Create a new Sheet tab within an existing Google Sheet file and format a header row (font size, colour, alignment, etc) for appending data to.

Header row

Header row

The following Google Apps Script was developed as part of a larger tool for collating file information into a specifically formatted Google Sheet. As the tool was an Add-on I needed to setup the Google Sheet file in advance so that information could be later appended to it. This code:

  • Checks if a particular named Sheet (tab) already exists within the Google Sheet file. If it does then it will delete the existing Sheet and create a brand new one.
  • Reduce the overall number of columns within the Sheet.
  • Insert 1 row of data to use as the Header row.
  • Set the Header row font size, colour, weight (bold) and horizontal/vertical alignment.
  • Set the Header row background colour, height and column widths.

Source: The Gift of Script: Create a new Sheet tab and format a header row

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