Totally Unscripted: Introducing the new Google Workspace Forms API! – Live 13 Oct. at 1200 PDT / 1500 EDT / 2000 GMT+1

Google Workspace offers developers REST APIs to interact programmatically with nearly every product and feature within the suite. In this episode of Totally Unscripted, we are going to take a first look at a BRAND NEW API for Workspace that is being announced earlier in the day at Google Cloud Next. Curious what that API is? Tune in to the broadcast live where we are joined by guests Christian Schalk (Developer Advocate, Google) and Hannah Pho (Software Engineer, Google) along with early Forms API partners Charles Kemp (Strategic Alliances Manager, Zapier) and Charles Wiles (CEO, Zzish) to find out and you can join the conversation in the YouTube Live chat.

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