Reliable, Secure & Scalable use of Google Apps Script | Google Developers Experts

Most conversations around solutions or automations created using Apps Script eventually get to a point where being able to address concerns around its reliability, security and scalability becomes a challenge — more so if compared to having similar applications being built on other platforms (say: AWS, GCP, Firebase etc.).

In this post, we’ll see how to navigate our way through said constructs by addressing parts of these problems and also explore ways in which we can bake some solutions right from the get-go!

In this post Sourabh Choraria provides some very useful answers for common questions organisations have when using Google Apps Script as part of their infrastructure. Points covered in this post include: managing concurrent executions; being able to securely store, access & manage API keys, tokens; and considerations around quotas.

Source: Reliable, Secure & Scalable use of Apps Script | Google Developers Experts

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