Interacting with multiple hyperlinks in Google Sheets cells with Google Apps Script

Before this, when a cell has only one hyperlink. In this case, the hyperlink was given to a cell using =HYPERLINK(“”, “Google”) but by a recent update, a cell got to be able to have multiple hyperlinks … In this report, I would like to introduce the method for setting and retrieving the multiple URLs for a cell.

Hyperlinks in Google Sheets cells is a bit of an obsession of mine and it’s nice to see Kanshi TANAIKE has a similar passion. Google are rolling out multiple hyperlinks in Google Sheet cells and Tanaike has provided details on how the hyperlink values can been get/set with Google Apps Script (the official docs are still catching up with Tanaike’s discovery :)

Source: Updated Specification of Google Spreadsheet: Multiple Hyperlinks to a Cell

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