Restricting the number of times an account can use a feature in a Google Workspace Editor Add-on with Google Apps Script 

One model of monetization for a Google Addon is to allow a certain number of free uses before restricting that feature. This post shows one way to restrict a feature in a Google Editor Addon sidebar.

John McGowan is continuing his Google Workspace Add-on development tips at pace. You can read the story so far on the Automagical Apps Blog. In the latest post you can find out how John uses the Properties Service, to record the number of times an account has used a feature in your add-on by communicating between the sidebar and Apps Script using A reminder as well that you can see how you can boost User Property read/write with the SpeedStore library.

Source: Restricting the number of times to use a feature in a Google Addon Sidebar | Automagical Apps Blog

Differentiating Google Workspace Add-on sidebar features based on a user licence property in Google Apps Script

I always get requests as to how people can add a license to their Google Add-on. There are a few different steps and here I will show how you can share different information in the Sidebar based on a license status.

In Pulse we’ve previously featured a couple of community contributions on how to monetize your Google Workspace Add-On. Corentin Brossault’s How to monetize your Google Workspace add-on? provides some great code snippets and tips for handling user authentication and payment. We’ve also featured Riël Noterman’s solution for Using JWT as a license key in Google Apps Script Google Workspace Add-ons. This related  post from John McGowan (Automagical Apps) provides another piece to the puzzle demonstrating how you can use templates in HTMLService to switch user messaging based on stored user properties.

Source: Differentiating Google Addon Sidebar features based on a license | Automagical Apps Blog