How to highlight duplicate rows in Google Sheets with Google App Script

Highlight Duplicate Rows in spreadsheets efficiently and accurately with Google Apps Script for coders and non-coders.

Some nice techniques in this post which shows you how you can highlight duplicate rows in a Google Sheet using Google Apps Script. If you need to modify there is a isDuplicateRow() which could be modified to suit your needs. Another nice solution in this example is the inclusion of function to getRandomUniqueColor(), which returns a random hex colour.

Source: How to Highlight Duplicate Rows in Google Sheets?

Starter guide for creating a Google Drive Card Service Add-on with Google Apps Script

Let’s extend Google Drive with Apps Script to create a simple add-on, use CardService for the UI, where we’ll select a few spreadsheets and pass them to the next card with navigation.

For those unfamiliar add-ons for Google Workspace come in a couple of flavours. The Google Editor Add-ons have been around the longest created with Google Apps Script and it’s HTML Service.  Google Workspace Add-ons can also be created for the Google Editors (Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms) as well as Gmail, Calendar and Drive using the Card Service with either Google Apps Script or another runtime environment. This post from Nibesh Khadka provides a great overview of how to create a Google Drive Add-on using Google Apps Script and the Card Service. It covers the basic setup with lots of references to relevant parts of the official developer documentation.

Source: Managing Google Drive with Google Apps Script