Check external links in Google Docs with Google Apps Script widget

Image credit: Mykyta Khmel

Google Docs is a popular document editor for creating and editing text documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. With the use of Google Apps Script, a scripting language for automating tasks in Google Apps, users can enhance their document editing experience by adding custom functionality to Google Docs. One such functionality is the ability to check URLs within a Google Document.

Nice little project that has some useful code snippets/functionality you might find useful in your own projects which extracts and tests hyperlinks included in a Google Doc. The post provides an outline of how the script is setup and lets the user interact via a sidebar. I always find interacting with Google Docs a little daunting, particular parsing the document structure. The post links to a useful gist by Mogsdad (David Bingham) with some basic Google Document utility scripts.

Source: Check link statuses in Google Docs with Apps Script widget