How to get Linkedin profiles [and other Google Custom Search results] in Google Sheets with a formula

Image credit: Giacomo Melzi

Some time ago, I made a custom Google Sheets formula to automatically get the Linkedin profile of a person/company. It can be helpful to anyone using Google Sheets as a CRM or recruitment, product feedback, or marketing tool. It saved me a lot of boring copy/pasting, so hopefully, it can save some time for you as well

Interesting project from Giacomo Melzi that uses the Google Custom Search API to search LinkedIn for personal and company profile pages. As noted by Giacomo:

Since Linkedin profiles are behind a login (you have to be logged in to check someone’s profile), the formula relies on a workaround. The script performs a domain-constrained search via the Google Custom Search API.

That’s something anyone can do manually in a standard Google search. Just try adding site:{domain} before your search query, and your results will be filtered by domain.

This technique can be used on other sites that are behind a login but indexed by Google. A couple of important limitations to be aware of, in particular, free quota limits. Check out the source post for more details and the code to run this yourself.

Source: How to get Linkedin profiles in Google Sheets with a formula