Overview of the power of Apps Script – Apps Script in a Snap

In this first episode of Apps Script in a Snap, Joanna Smith will go over what exactly Apps Script is and how you can use it to tailor any of G Suite’s productivity apps – such as Google Drive, Google Sheets, Google Docs, and Google Drive – to match and streamline your workflow.

The G Suite DevRel team have been busy. As well as AGV’s excellent Sheets to Apps series, some new videos are coming out from Joanna Smith in ‘Apps Script in a Snap!’. Currently these are very top level intro videos and it will be interesting to see where they go with this series.

Send automatic FYI emails for Meeting Action Items

Now you can get the Action Items (AIs) delivered right to your inbox! Joanna Smith’s (@dontmesswithjo) custom solution to integrate Google Docs with Apps Script allows you to send everyone a personalized list of their AIs at the end of every meeting.

Source: Send automatic FYI emails for Meeting Action Items