How to combine arrays of data into one Google Sheet with Google Apps Script

In this post, we’re going to look at how we can easily combine arrays of data on separate sheets in a Google Sheet and add them on one single sheet. We’re going to use the relatively new spread operator (…) to do this.

A little knowledge about data manipulation can get you a long way, particularly if you are doing lots of work in Google Sheets. This post from Baz Roberts is an opportunity to learn about spread syntax (also known as the spread operator) in arrays. Have a read and hopefully you’ll see the benefits.

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An automatic random team maker using Google Apps Script

In this post, we’re going to look at a script to be able to make even teams from a selection of players. I play football every Sunday and every week my friends sign up to play and most weeks there are different players playing, so we end up having to make the teams, and trying to do it as fairly as we can, which inevitably takes some time.

Nice ‘weekend project’ from Baz Roberts highlighting how Google Apps Script can be used to do a weighted random shuffle of data. The post includes a line-by-line explanation of what the script is doing and a great resource if you are at the beginning of your Apps Script journey.

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Quickly format multiple Google Sheets with Apps Script

In this post, we’re going to see how we can very quickly format multiple Google Sheets with a little help from Apps Script.

The idea of this post, came from the Department of Education in Hawaii, where they have over 300 schools and a guy who works there told me he had to format over 300 Google Sheets the same way, and wondered how this could be done with Apps Script.

Easy I said! And I thought it was a typical example of how a little knowledge of Apps Script can help you speed up your work and allow you to spend less time doing boring, repetitive work, and focus more on the data itself.

Let’s see how it’s done!

This is a nice real world example of how Google Apps Script can be used to make a manual routine task more efficient. The post by Baz Roberts includes a detailed explanation of what is going on in the code making it also a great learning resource. If you have some more complicated Google Sheets formatting in mind you might want to also look at Google Sheets Macros, which lets you record every action you take within the spreadsheet creating a script you could call similar to the format functions included in the post.

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A Google Workspace Parents Evening Appointment System — by Baz Roberts

This is the first of a three-part post, where we’re going to look at how you can create an appointment system using Google Forms and Sheets and with the use of Apps Script, how you it will update the available times on the forms and how it will send automate confirmation emails to those making the appointments. I’ve used this system for parents evening meetings, but it could be adapted for any area that need appointments.

This series of posts from Baz Roberts details an appointment booking system created in Google Sheets and Forms. There is a lot of details, tricks and tips across the post series so well worth spending the time to unpick what has been shared.

Source: Parents Evening Appointment System [Alternative link: Parents Evening Appointment System (]