Get Classroom Data into Google Sheets using Google Apps Script

Image credit: Aryan Irani

In this blog, I am going to show you how to get Google Classroom Data into your Google Sheet using Google Apps Script. Using this, you can keep track of all the classes that you have in your Google Classroom.

This is a nice introductory tutorial from Aryan Irani which looks at exporting basic information about your Google Classroom courses to Google Sheets. The example script imports the main details about your courses but if you are interested in finding out what else is available the official documentation for a course resource outlines what else is available.

Source: Get Classroom Data into your Google Sheet using Google Apps Script

Google Apps Script community contributions —Summary of 2021 — Aryan Irani

As this amazing year comes to an end, I decided to note down all my blogs, videos in the past year. This has been an amazing year for me academically and professionally. I have passed all my engineering exams and am in my 3rd year of engineering. I am also constantly helping my college automate internal processes using Google Apps Script and Google Workspace. You can check them out in the blog link given below

Looking at his summary post from Aryan Irani we’ve clearly not been able to keep up here on Pulse with the volume of content that they have published. The summary post linked here is an opportunity to review some of Aryan’s top community contributions from this year.

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Getting started with Google Apps Script – Aryan Irani

Image credit: Aryan Irani

In this course, we will be covering the basics of Google Apps Script and working our way by working with Google Sheets, Google Workspace API’s and more. After working with variables, operators, loops in Google Apps Script, we will be working with Google Sheets, where we will start out by getting and setting values in Google Sheets, followed by doing some amazing projects in Google Sheets and Google Apps Script. After working with Google Sheets, we will work with Google Forms, Google Classroom, YouTube and more.

It’s always pleasing to see new Google Apps Script courses being published. The latest one we’ve spotted has been created by Aryan Irani and hosted on Udemy. We’ve not taken this course but the landing page contains an overview and previews of some of the video content.

Source: Getting started with Google Apps Script – Aryan Irani

Create Google Classrooms using Google Apps Script

Creating a Google Classroom and maintaining it can be a bit hectic for so many students in a school. Say you are the moderator of your school and your task is to create 10 Google Classrooms for different teachers. Manually doing this can be a very hectic process, that’s where Google Apps Script comes in.

Using Google Apps Script, you can automatically create Google Classroom with the data in the Google Sheet, and paste the Class code in the Google Sheet.

Source: Create Google Classrooms using Google Apps Script

Create Filters in Google Sheet using Google Apps Script

How to create filters in Google Sheets using Google Apps Script.

There are lots of ways you can filter data in Google Sheets and in this post Aryan Irani uses SpreadsheetApp.newFilterCriteria() to create a filter and then copy the filtered data to a new sheet. The post contains everything you need to know to filter data in this way.

Source: Create Filters in Google Sheet using Google Apps Script

Send Charts In Email Using Google Apps Script

… how to send Charts in Email using Google Apps Script. Sending charts on Email can be used to send the attendance charts of the students, sales chart for the week, share price charts, etc.

Always nice to see others in the Apps Script community use the work of others for inspiration and reshare the results. In this post latest post from Aryan Irani you can learn how to send charts from Google Sheets. This post covers a basic technique that you can easily expand on (if you are having issues with the charts rendered in your emails using this solution check out my referenced post for an alternative method).

Source: Send Charts In Email Using Google Apps Script

Create PDF from a Google Form submission using Google Apps Script

In this blog post , we will cover how to create a PDF from the responses of Google Form using Google Apps Script.

If you are looking for some guidance on creating and sending PDF Documents from Google Form responses this post has all you need to get started.

Source: Create PDF Using GoogleApps Script