Create a To-Do list App using Google AppSheet

In this blog, I am going to show you how to create a To-Do list app using Google AppSheet. A To-do list app lets you write organize and prioritize your tasks more efficiently. In this blog, we will be creating a To-Do list app using Google AppSheet that will allow you to do the same. Additionally, we will be using the automation features in Google AppSheet to send an email as soon a task is completed.

Aryan has written a great tutorial on how to get started and takes us through how we can connect Google Sheets to AppsSheet and how to create a simple to-do list app from it.

Source: Create a To-Do list App using Google AppSheet — Part 1

Creating a web app with Google Sheets

A wonderful set of video tutorials showing you how to set up a web app and connecting it to a Google Sheet. It starts off with a simple form and covers areas like getting data from a sheet and sending it back and using Materialize CSS for to easily create a good looking app. Plus, it also looks at connecting a Google Calendar to the app and how to create multiple pages in the web app.