Efficiently deleting rows by conditions in Google Sheets with Google Apps Script

In this report, I would like to introduce a sample script for efficiently deleting rows by conditions on Google Spreadsheet using Google Apps Script. Recently, I had a situation for being required to achieve this situation. In my report, it has already known that when Sheets API is used, the rows can be efficiently deleted by a condition. Ref However, in that case, Sheets API couldn’t be used. Under this situation, I came up with a method. In this report, I would like to introduce this method.

Here’s a clever method from Kanshi Tanaike for deleting rows in Google Sheets based on a column condition. The solution makes use of the built-in .removeDuplicates() method, the clever bit is the script first copies the header row into any row that matches the condition. As this creates duplicate rows the .removeDuplicates() method can be called to the entire data range. Using this method Kanshi was able to improve an execute of an earlier function from 67 seconds to 13 seconds!

Source: Benchmark: Efficiently Deleting Rows by Conditions on Google Spreadsheet using Google Apps Script

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