An introduction into using Cloud Run to control Google Sheets - Part 1


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Google Apps Script is great and all (and it’s a great starting point for writing code to control spreadsheets) but it doesn’t do all of the things I want it to. Namely, it doesn’t run Python, only Javascript (actually App Script but it’s a small distinction).

We are going to write some App Script in this series, but it won’t be the powerhouse of our logic. Instead, we will use it to capture user input and proxy requests to our own API.

If you’ve spent a bit of time with Apps Script it’s very likely that you’ve used SpreadsheetApp or the Sheets advanced service to interact with Google Sheets. If you are interested in expanding your horizons and using different tooling for this job here’s a starter tutorial showing you how you can spin up a Google Cloud Run service using Terraform which will let you deploy a Python API application.

Source: Cloud Run for Google Sheets — Part 1

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