Uploading multiple records with the Salesforce API using Google Apps Script

Image credit: Eduardo Ramon Resser

Sometimes, when using Salesforce, we come across the situation of needing to upload several object records at once, such as accounts, contacts, tasks, etc.

There are several ways to resolve this issue. One approach that can be efficient is through Google Sheets, especially if you want to “convert” each row in a table into separate records in Salesforce.

In the example of this article, I will talk about an implementation for bulk exporting of tasks using information contained in a table in Google Sheets using the Salesforce API.

This post on interacting with the Salesforce API highlights the tricky situation of handling different user credentials. The author comes up with a clever solution of using user owned Google Docs as a way to store different identities. Another approach is to use Google Apps Script’s Properties Service. The Properties Service includes an option to store User Properties which are only accessible to the user running the script.  The downside of this approach is you then have to create UI for the user to input properties.

Source: Uploading Multiple Records Via Salesforce API Using Google Apps Script

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