How to create a Trello card using Google Apps Script

If you are a Google Workspace and Trello power user like me, I’m sure the thought has come across your mind of connecting your Google Apps to Trello, but every time you search for a solution you get an ad for Zapier or IFTTT. I try to avoid these solutions because they are great at making an initial connection, but if you ever want to do anything advanced, it will require you to sign up for a premium subscription. After searching and not finding answers, I decided just to try and build it for myself.

If you are a beginner to Google Apps Script this is a nice tutorial if you are interested in learning about connecting with other services, in this case Trello. Hopefully this post also illustrates that coding aspect of connecting with other services using Google Apps Script can be straightforward once access had been setup on the third party site.

Source: How To Create a Trello Card from Apps Script

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