Hackaday Prize 2022: BinPal – A convenient recycling reminder

While curbside pickup of recyclables is convenient, it does require you to keep track of which type of waste is picked up when: miss the biweekly paper pickup and you’ll soon find yourself stockpiling four weeks’ worth of boxes and newspapers. When [Dominic Buchstaller]’s stack of cardboard began to reach his ceiling, he decided to take action by building himself BinPal: a fridge magnet that helps you remember when to take out which bin.

At heart of the simple but effective BinPal is an ESP32 board that connects to Google Apps Script and retrieves the pickup schedule from Google Calendar. If one of four categories of waste is due for pickup, its icon is highlighted on an LCD screen.

BinPal is an entry to the 2022 Hackday Prize which uses Google Apps Script to return Google Calendar data to an IoT device. The project page for BinPal has instructions and all the files to remake, including the file for laser-cutting/engraving the front plate. Browsing the Apps Script file for the project you’ll see it is a basic web app which returns data from a named calendar. Hackday challenges are open for set dates throughout the year so there is still a chance to submit your own projects – visit for more info.

Source: Hackaday Prize 2022: BinPal Is A Convenient Recycling Reminder

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