Getting started is the hardest part: Find inspiration with new Apps Script samples

Google Apps Script is a hosted JavaScript development environment that makes it easy for anyone to build custom business solutions across several Google products. Figuring out where to begin can be a hurdle for such an expansive tool, so we’ve recently released 10 new inspirational sample solutions to help you get started. These additions bolster the Apps Script documentation, which now hosts more than 30 sample solutions.

Here are a few use cases our newest sample solutions address:

Google recently announced latest figures around Google Workspace reach in 2021:

With 3B people globally using Google Workspace there is an opportunity to grow the Workspace developer community and to help users get started Google have recently published 10 new sample solutions. The samples cover a range of coding skills and even experts should take a look as there are some great examples that can help with developing add-ons, Google Chat apps and more.

Source: Getting started is the hardest part: Find inspiration with Apps Script samples

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